Weinstein Accuser Reflects on Verdict and Discusses the Mogul’s New Home

Wigdor LLP represents actress and model Dominique Huett in her civil claims of sexual misconduct against Harvey Weinstein. In response to news of Weinstein’s guilty verdict and current reports that he will be jailed on Rikers Island, Ms. Huett has provided the following statement to US Daily Review:

“I hope this criminal conviction will give Weinstein the time to think while he sits in jail on Rikers Island and awaits his sentence. I hope he thinks about how his abuse of power sexually harmed countless women with dreams of making it in Hollywood. I sincerely hope that Weinstein also will, one day, apologize to the many women whose lives were set off course.

“The critical and tenacious work by the #SilenceBreakers cannot be underestimated. The Silence Breakers boldly raised awareness about how devastating male abuse of power can be and especially about how Weinstein’s shameful and criminal behavior caused such harm.

“The verdict cannot change what Weinstein did, but I hope that people have a better understanding about why victim-shaming must end and why women that dare speak out deserve support.

“Like other victims, I now have some peace knowing he is behind bars and will not harm anyone else. I am grateful to the jury for their civic duty.”

Riker’s Island has been a huge part of the conversation around the Weinstein verdict. In fact, it has played almost as big of a role as the conviction. The reason for this is that this facility is considered one of the worse in the country. We decided to provide some examples of just how bad it is.




This prison is terrible. How bad is it? It is scheduled to be closed by 2026. 

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