What are the Different Letter Delivery Services Couriers Offer?

Do you regularly send letters or documents? Are you concerned that the U.S. Postal Service may not be the safest and most efficient means of sending your letters? If so, you may find that a courier service is a much better option for your needs.

The team at Express Errands & Courier explains that there are a variety of different letter delivery services available at most courier companies. When you want privacy, timeliness, safety, and security, these services may be just what you need.

What are the Different Letter Delivery Services Couriers Offer?

Let’s take a look at some of the letter delivery services that companies like Express Errands & Courier have to offer.

Same-Day Document Delivery

If you regularly need to have documents delivered same-day, it is important to work with a courier who can guarantee swift delivery. Many businesses use same-day services to ensure that important and time-sensitive documents and letters are delivered safely. Lawyers, courts, universities, title companies, and government agencies are just a few examples of companies that benefit from same-day document delivery.

Legal Courier

If your letter delivery needs are strictly legal in nature, you may find it helpful to choose a courier that specializes in legal courier deliveries. Legal couriers are closely monitored to make sure that documents are kept private and secure. This service is fast and reliable.

Process Server

A process server is someone who supports the workings of local courts and law enforcement. When there is a subpoena, warrant, summons, or restraining order, a process server delivers the documents and/or letters to the individuals involved. It is important to choose a process server or courier who can guarantee timely, efficient, and confidential delivery of these important documents.

Some courier companies have private process servers who are specially trained to ensure document safety and security. These process servers understand the importance of delivering documents safely and efficiently, and they understand the procedures involved.

Contactless Delivery

In an effort to keep customers and courier drivers safe, many couriers are offering contactless delivery. Couriers follow the same guidelines and guarantees for delivery, but with the added protection of avoiding direct person-to-person contact. When you set up contactless delivery, just be sure to provide clear instructions on when, where, and how your letters should be delivered.

Why Choose a Courier Service over the Postal Service

Have you ever had a bad experience mailing something through the U.S. Postal Service? Maybe your mail got lost, stolen, or damaged. Or maybe it didn’t arrive at all. In these situations, you lose time, money, and confidence in the mail service. Not only that, but delays in getting documents where you need them can cost you business.

With a courier service, you get a guarantee that your documents will be delivered by a certain day and time, or on the same day. Couriers do not have to go through the same lengthy process that mail carriers do, and can quickly go from point-A to point-B without a hassle. This is a much better way of ensuring that your important letters and documents are handled safely and efficiently.

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