What Do I Need to Get to Set Up an Internet Home TV and Phone

Shifting to a new place is much of a fuss, and involves so much hassle. There are countless things to take care of. You have a long list of stuff to pack and move – and so much more which remains unseen. Luckily today, getting your internet connection and cable TV services relocated is the least difficult task to do. Most of the people prefer to use the same services as they were already instead of searching from scratch for something that gives them value for money. Spectrum TV silver is something we would always look out for while relocating because it caters to all our requirements the most – as compared to any other provider on the market. 

In this article, we are going to give you a track on how to find the right internet and cable TV service provider. If you are relocating, these are the following five tips to make  hassle shifting a bit easy and smooth – at least in terms of relocating cable and internet service:

1.  Look For Your Current Internet Provider – Whether It Is Available

When relocated to a new place, better if you do that before relocating, the first thing you need to check is whether your current internet and cable TV service provider is available in your locality. If you are shifted to a nearby place you can still get services from your old internet service provider. However, you will still need to check with their availability – as most of the providers provide services to only a small part of areas – or maybe get your address and equipment changed (if needed). You can find out which ISPs are available in your new locality through an online service aggregator.

2. Take Bundled Packages.

Once you have finally found out the availability or non-availability of your current ISP and cable TV company, we suggest you get a bundled package – internet service with telephone or cable TV. This will save you a lot of money as you will get both services in one package at a discounted price with some perks. One thing to consider before signing the contract is to check the clause about early termination fees.

3. Schedule A Time For Installation Of The New Internet Connection

The third step would be scheduling a time for the service team to come to your place to install the new connection. Make sure you are available at that time. Always choose a time when you are free and available as not to face any trouble later.

4. Keep the equipment protected. 

While shifting, we strongly suggest you take extra care of your equipment. If you have a modem you can take along with you, pack it carefully, and keep it safe. If you have to change the internet or cable service provider, you will have to return your equipment to the local office. Ensure that you give them all the equipment in good condition, safely.

5. Check The Internet Service At The Time Of Installation.

As now you have gotten your new connection installed, test the speed of the internet right away, before the technician leaves. Check whether the internet is working fine. Is the speed satisfactory – what you are paying for? So that if there is any problem it can be solved right away. The technician will check the health of your router and modem to see where the problem is coming from (if there is any) – again it will save your time and from any problems ahead. Thus, this is advisable to take a test at the time of installation. 

Final Thoughts:

These are some quick – yet helpful tips to make your shifting process smooth and convenient. Hope these will help you in your upcoming relocation in terms of getting a new internet connection installed. Moreover, you should maintain a list and a few checklists, they will not only help you unpack stuff, but you will be able to keep a check of all the things that need to be done. Not to forget, keep the boxes separate and label them. 

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