What Does it Mean to be Driving Under the Influence?

Needless to mention how road accidents result in a large number of death and losses every year. In the list of reasons causing such accidents, only a few areas dominated as driving under the influence. Driving under the influence or DUI in short means to drive while you are under the influence of alcohol or any such drugs. Driving under the influence has got similar names that are driving while intoxicated, DWI and operating under the influence, OUI. Due to the effect of alcohol and such drugs the person driving is not mentally conscious which put the life of not only the driver but another person also at  risk.

What difference do DUI and DWI have between  them

Some of the US states law has DUI while some have DWI and the rest have both these laws are active. Usually, a driver gets charged with DUI on the consumption of alcohol over allowed limit whereas DWI law takes in account alcohol, drugs, and some other chemical substance. However, it depends on in which the US states you are to interpret the correct meaning of these two laws name as they might get interchanged. Also, some other prevalent names of DUI are OUI and OWI used in the jurisdiction of Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island and some more  states.

Driving under the influence as a serious criminal  offense

Across the world driving under the influence is a criminal act and those caught in such cases have to face punishments by the law of that region. Stringent DUI laws in the USA are entirely necessary to ensure road safety and reduce down the road accident fatalities as 40 percent of them are DUI  contribution.

To identify if the driver is under the influence of alcohol the road safety officers will conduct field sobriety test. If the BAC of the driver which is the blood-alcohol concentration exceeds the legit level of 0.08%, the driver will get charged with DUI rule. On being guilty, the person has paid a hefty penalty or may even go to the jail in the worst scenario. Also, the officers have all the right to arrest the driver even if the car is not running once the test shows the signs of high  BAC.

Consequences of being charged under DUI  law

Its outcomes, for those found guilty under this law, their driving license will get seize at first. Recover your licenses back will not be an easy task and may take a long time. For that matter, you probably have to join defensive driving classes. Besides handing over the driving license, you may also have to submit the penalty amount, and in case you are unable to do that be ready to spend some time in  jail.

Furthermore, the citizen of the states should abide by the norms for the sake of others and own’s life. In case of serious matters, you must consult some legal experts. The DUI lawyer San Francisco will prove the best legal consultant while the DUI lawyer Sacramento is also quite renowned and affordable. Having correct lawyer will reduce down the severity of your  punishment.

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