What Is Pinot Gris Wine?

If you have heard of Pinot Grigio but haven’t heard of Pinot Gris, you may be wondering what the difference is. Here’s what you need to know about what Pinot Gris wine is, what pairs well with it, and how to enjoy it.

What Is Pinot Gris Wine?

Both Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris wines are white wines known for a brisk citrus flavor and high acidity. Both come from the same grayish purple grape. The only difference between them is where they developed, in either Italy or France. Today the differences in the names have no meaning.

How Does Pinot Gris Wine Taste?

Pinot Gris is a citrusy, acidic wine. The flavors change from lime, to green apple, to Meyer lemon, to nectarine, depending on how long the grapes ripen before they are picked. 

Some grapes also have a note of honeysuckle or a mineral flavor. Unlike a riesling or Moscato, that have a very distinct flavor, Pinot Gris is a lighter wine that is harder to distinguish from other types of wine, but it does have a very distinguishable acidity.

Pinot Gris tastes slightly different depending on where it is from. Pinot Grigio from Italy tends to be very dry and acidic. Pinot Gris from France is often sweeter with slightly more honey notes and a richer flavor. American Pinot Gris or Grigio has stronger fruit flavors than European varieties and slightly less acidity.

No matter where it is from, Pinot Gris is generally a dry wine. Some cheap supermarket varieties are artificially sweetened, giving Pinot Grigio a bad name. You can also find truly sweet Pinot Greece from a rarer line of Pinot Gris grapes that has very complex flavors that make it well-suited to a dessert wine. However, it is difficult to find this wine, especially in America.

When To Drink Pinot Gris

The bright notes and crisp flavors of Pinot Gris make it well-suited to day drinking, especially in hot weather. It is a lovely wine to pair with hors d’oeuvres in the late afternoon or have with a light lunch. 

The brisk nature of this wine makes it well-suited to pairing with Sangria or being made into a spritzer. You may especially appreciate pinot gris wine as a canned spritzer that you can enjoy in the afternoon or with a meal without having to worry about opening an entire bottle.

What To Pair With Pinot Gris

This is a versatile wine that does well by itself or when drunk with certain foods. Here are the best foods to pair with Pinot Gris:

  • Fish and white meat. The acidic flavors of Pinot Gris make it an excellent pairing with fish and white meat. It goes well with sushi or ceviche as well as lightly cooked fish like tilapia and sea bass. You may also find that you enjoy this wine with scallops, mussels, oysters, and clams. Chicken and turkey pair well with it, and it is a good pick for cured and spiced meat from pork and duck provided that the meat is not too spicy.
  • Vegetables, spices, and herbs. This light wine goes well with all kinds of fresh vegetables like salad and fresh vegetable dishes. It is also good with shallots, ginger, garlic, celery, squash, kale, beans, cauliflower, and broccoli. Herbs like parsley, mint, saffron, and white pepper are great options as well.

Choose A Grape Pinot Gris Wine

If you haven’t tried Pinot Gris wine before, it’s well worth considering. Even if you usually prefer sweeter wines, you may enjoy the fruity flavors and citrus overtones of this agreeable wine. If you’re looking for a new afternoon beverage, it’s hard to beat.

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