When Buying Goods at Oakland Airport, You Will Be Paying Their Health Insurance Too


Travelers passing through the Oakland Airport may be in for a surprise when they get their meal or drink receipts – a surcharge for employees’ health benefits. The Oakland Airport authority decided to allow an additional surcharge to be added to patrons’ bills – not unlike the Obamacare surcharge restaurants in Florida and L.A. are charging.

A 2% Airport Health Benefits Surcharge will apply to all pre-tax food and beverage purchases,” a sign says on one eatery. The receipt in the photo shows a charge for “2% Health SC.”

Oakland airport “requires that its vendors charge no more than 15% above street pricing, and this ‘surcharge’ is not an exception to that rule,” Wintner said. Concessionaires could just raise their prices by 2%, but “the idea of a health benefits surcharge comes from Healthy San Francisco,” which he goes on to say “has nothing to do with Oakland.”

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