Where Canadians Go for Healthcare

By US Daily Review Staff. Source: Fraser Institute.

Healthcare may be “free” in Canada, but the lack of access to it makes that point seem moot, according to a new study by the Fraser Institute in Canada. According to the report:

“Among the consequences of poor access to health care in Canada is the reality that some Canadians will ultimately
receive the care they require outside of the country. Some of these patients will have been sent out of country by the public
health care system due to a lack of available resources or the fact that some procedures or equipment are not provided
in their home jurisdiction. Others will have chosen to leave Canada in response to concerns about quality (Walker et al.,
2009); to avoid some of the adverse medical consequences of waiting for care such as worsening of their condition, poorer
outcomes following treatment, disability, or death (Esmail, 2009); or simply to avoid delay.

Understanding how many Canadians receive their health care in another country each year gives some insight into the state of health care in Canada, as well as the state of medical tourism among Canadian residents. Data on this topic are not readily available but an estimation is possible using annual wait times data from the Fraser Institute and the numbers of procedures performed in Canada from the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI).”

Read that report in its entirety.

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