Why Are Roof Repairs So Vital?

Your roof is like a protective jacket for your house. It protects you, your house, and your house contents from the elements. It also keeps the heat in in the winter and helps the house stay cool in the summer.

The Importance of Maintenance

A well-maintained roof is so important for a house that regular maintenance is absolutely vital. Keeping your roof in good condition will actually save you money in the long term. Regular maintenance can pick up small problems and enable you to get them fixed as soon as possible. This will prevent them from turning into major problems (with a major price tag to boot) further down the line.

Roofing is, by its very nature, a skilled profession requiring training and specific safety equipment. Roof repairs should not be attempted by homeowners who don’t know what they are doing. In general, all roofing repairs should be carried out by a professional. To find out what to look for when you need a trusted residential roofer, check out this article from Next Wave Roofing: https://nextwaveroofing.com/what-to-look-for-when-you-need-a-trusted-residential-roofer/

A Leaky Roof

Leaky roofs can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare! Did you know that water can travel for around 8-10 feet from where it gets in? This means that leaks can be incredibly difficult to find if they are left too long. Water ingress can rot wood, stain ceilings, and damage drywall. Get that leak sorted ASAP!

A Fire Hazard
A damaged roof can become a fire hazard in many ways: old insulation and water creeping into electrics can cause a spark, leading to a devastating fire that you may not know about until it’s too late to stop. In 2018, 3,655 Americans were killed by fire, 74% of those being house fires.

Structural Damage

A damaged roof can mean a damaged structure, especially where a leak is concerned. We may think that damage only happens during bad weather, a lightning strike, heavy rain, dangerous hailstones, or strong winds or gales, but damage to roofs can happen at any time.

There are so many aspects to a roof being a safe structure, especially if your home has a chimney, that it’s not worth risking it. Ask your professional roofer to check for structural issues and investigate your chimney stack during your yearly roof inspection.

A Broken Roof is Wasting Money

Damage to a roof may be costing you money before you even get around to the repairs. If our roof is the jacket and hat which protects our house from the elements, it stands to reason that it also plays a part in keeping the house warm during cold weather.

If the insulation or integrity of your roof is damaged in any way, for example, or if there is a hole in your roof, its ability to act as a barrier against the elements — and resulting energy efficiency — is severely compromised. This means you will be paying more on your energy bill to keep your house warm in the winter.

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