Why Caregivers Should Consider Assisted Living Facilities

There comes the point in life when seniors become incapable of living on their own. This puts us in front of a complicated situation when we are at a loss about how to take care of them. This a test that most families have to face and find the answer that shows how much we care for elders to ensure that they have a good life in their twilight years. It is challenging to deal with incapacitated seniors at home because, despite all our love and respect for them, the situation does not permit keeping them at home. It is very taxing emotionally to see someone who had taken care of you at one time is now unable to take care of  themselves.

After all, there is a limit to what you can do to take care of elders in the family after which it becomes overbearing and affects your normal life. It is the time when you look for some middle ground that often provides solutions that you would like. Sending elders to senior assisted living facility is that middle ground that provides the emotional satisfaction of taking proper care of them. However, it is imperative to determine whether it is time to look for an assisted living. How you would know that it is time to send seniors to some assisted living facility is what you can learn from this  article.

Monitor the activities for daily  living

How well seniors can complete routines and necessary activities of daily life provides enough signs about whether their abilities are diminishing. Bathing, dressing, going to the bathroom, getting in and out of bed, bowel control and feeding are the six activities listed by professionals to determine the performance level of seniors that point to the level of assistance they would require. Each task carries 1 mark, and the higher is the total score more independent the senior is. For a more in-depth understanding about whether one of the senior living residence would be good for them or some other kind of facility, evaluate the performance of seniors in carrying out other activities like cleaning the house, paying the bills, socializing, cooking own food and the ability to move  around.

Deteriorating medical  condition

If some chronic medical condition afflicts seniors, which is most likely, then there is no better alternative than looking for some assisted living facility. From heart disease to Alzheimer’s disease, many other diseases can cause debilitating conditions for senior citizens. Along with it the chances of medical emergencies also increase. When seniors struggle to cope with such situations that need constant help, they need assisted  living.


A sense of isolation grasps many seniors who start suffering from depression arising from the fear of living alone for the rest of their life. Some seniors might have some bad habits that isolate them from others. Since isolation has a link to mortality, community living is a good solution for such  people.

These are only some signs that tell about seniors needing assistance for  living.

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