Why Hire An Injury Lawyer?


The number of auto accident fatalities has increased significantly in recent years. This can be attributed to an increase in the number of cars on the road, people who drive under the influence or senior motorists, among other factors. But injury lawyers don’t just represent auto accidents. If you are unfortunate to be a victim of any form of accident and suffer an injury due to another’s negligence, you can file a personal injury claim for damages. As with all personal injury claims, you will need to prove that your injury, disease or illness was as a result of the negligent actions of another party. An injury lawyer can help you to compile evidence and present it to the third  parties.

Injury lawyers are experts in all forms of personal injury cases. From injuries as a result of using a defective product to those that occur due to a medical malpractice or auto accident, personal injury lawyers are trained to offer legal counsel to help victims obtain full and fair  compensation.

But why do you need to hire an attorney? Why shouldn’t you represent yourself in court? Personal injury cases can be complicated even for matters that appear very simple. Walking into a courtroom and representing yourself is unlikely to give you the best possible outcome. Hiring an expert personal injury lawyer will increase your chances of success because they come with knowledge, training and experience which you lack. Personal injury lawyers have experience interviewing witnesses, arguing motions and presenting opening and closing arguments in court. Don’t be a victim who was undercompensated by an insurance company because you lacked proper legal  counsel.

Even though no one knows your case better than you do, an expert attorney has the ability to present your case in the best possible light by using his experience and legal training. Attorneys go through years in law school and will be there to advice you in all legal matters. Furthermore, you will be taken more seriously in a court of law if you have someone advocating for you who is well trained to do  so.

Hiring a reliable injury attorney is important if you have sustained injuries due to another’s negligence. You or your family members can get fully compensated for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, property loss, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment and loss of consortium among other forms of damages. A good attorney will exhaust all kinds of losses that you need to seek compensation for by thoroughly reviewing your  case.

Ottawa has no shortage of reputable personal injury lawyers. One such highly experienced personal injury lawyer is Howard Yegendorf who serves the Ottawa areas and across Eastern Ontario. He is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and has extensive experience pleading cases in the Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Court of Appeal. Howard Yegendorf has practiced personal injury law for almost 30  years.

Najma M. Rashid, a partner at Howard Yegendorf & Associates, is highly experienced in disability and bad faith claims against insurance companies. She has extensive knowledge in Ontario’s Insurance Act and has represented victims with spinal cord injuries, mild and catastrophic injuries as well as psychological injuries like depression and post-traumatic stress. Her extensive skill and devotion to personal injury cases since 1999 has made her a force to reckon with in the  courtroom.


For victims of motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls and sexual assaults, Victoria Boddy of Howard Yegendorf & Associates is here to help. Victoria has represented seriously injured clients in both the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Small Claims  Court.


Howard Yegendorf & Associates has offered personal injury legal representation since 1999. They’ve helped victims and their families who are struggling with catastrophic injuries to receive full and fair compensation ad improve their quality of life. Their team of personal injury attorneys in Ottawa is committed to protecting the rights of victims severely injured in accidents. They focus on catastrophic injuries such as brain and spinal cord injuries, amputations, fatal accidents, fractured and broken bones and wrongful  deaths.


The initial consultation is absolutely free. Please let us know how we can help you by getting in touch with us today on 613-237-5000 or visit http://www.yegendorflawfirm.ca/ . You may also visit our consultation offices in Ottawa, Eastern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area  (GTA).

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