With Congress in Recess, Veterans Keep Pressure on White House

By: Jeremy Morris, Associate Editor, USDR

On April 15, Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) launched a White House petition calling on the President to fix the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) disability claims backlog, relieve VA Secretary Shinseki, and reform the way VA does business. On August 20th—125 days after the launch and with more than 26,000 signatures—CVA will hand deliver this petition directly to the White House.

Delivering this petition 125 days after the launch of this effort is intentional; that’s how long it takes for a VA claim to be considered “backlogged.” There are still 500,000 veterans waiting in the disability claims backlog, and this is unacceptable. CVA is keeping the heat on and will ensure the voices of veterans are heard.

President Obama and VA Secretary Shinseki both vowed to fix the VA disability claims backlog. Instead, despite some minor recent improvements, it has increased nearly 2,000% under this administration. It is time for the White House and the VA to stop making excuse, hold people accountable, and start delivering immediate results.

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