Yahoo Offers Free Websites to Businesses

Many people who were around to witness the dot-com bubble grow and eventually expire remembers Yahoo. At one point in time, the online business was rivaling Google for search dominance. Yahoo’s Geocities imprint was the first experience any of us had with building websites. According to CNBC, Verizon acquired Yahoo in 2017, and that was a boon to the ailing company. Despite their faded glory from no longer being the king of local SEO, the company still has enough bite to be considered a competitor. Most recently, the business started offering free web hosting to businesses.

A Free Website? What’s the Catch?

So far, there doesn’t seem to be any catch. Yahoo Small Business mentions their promotion for giving small businesses a free website, domain name, and five business email accounts for an entire year. The website states that it’s trying to help small business owners weather the pandemic. Additionally, Yahoo’s offering small businesses a website builder with over one hundred and fifty templates to choose from to get their site up and running quickly. There is just one hitch, which is only a formality. You’re required to sign up with Business Maker and use the PAYITFORWARD code to access the free website. At the end of the first year, you’ll be expected to pay a little more than $800 to keep your website up and running, with a one-off legal package included in the fee.

Catering for Small Businesses in Several Ways

A unique feature of Yahoo’s Business Maker is that it has hardware and software solutions for companies that make in-person sales. Depending on the type of business you own, this might be completely irrelevant, or a godsend. The flexibility means that Yahoo makes it easy to set up a website for a company that still has a brick-and-mortar location, but also enables people who want to move their business operations online to do so with as little hassle as possible.

In an attempt to help small businesses, they’ve even included a local business directory feature that those who have used Yahoo in the 90s would be familiar with. This feature also helps companies raise their local SEO profile and compete online. The $800 price tag may be expensive for businesses who are just getting started, but if they can manage to put that money aside during their one year of free service, they won’t feel it that much when it comes to paying for the package.

Is It Worth It?

Yahoo has a solid reputation in the industry, and while they are a bit dated, they aren’t unreliable. They have a pretty good standing that hasn’t been tainted by scandals. If you’re a small business owner looking for a somewhat affordable website hosting package with a reliable provider, Yahoo’s site might be exactly what you need. Take a look at what they’re offering, and compare the price tag with other hosting providers. If it makes sense for your budget and your plans for future expansions, jump on it before the free year of hosting expires.

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