Your Guide To Buying LED Fog Lights

Fog light perform two purposes. Historically, these lights were used for their intended purposes, when driving in foggy conditions. The fog lights on a car are mounted closer to the ground, below the headlights, with a sharp cut-off. Similar to how the low beams do not shine above a certain point, the fog lights have been designed with a similar built-in restriction. This is to prevent the fog lights from causing a glare which can effectively blind other drivers passing  you.

LED Vs Halogen

While ongoing debates about whether the LED or halogen bulbs are better, the choice has just about shifted completely in the favor of the LEDs. However, you will still need to make the decision if they are worth installing these bulb types in the form of fog lights. One of the biggest benefits that LED lights offer over the halogen bulbs has to do with their extended efficiency and lifespan in comparison to the halogens. But some people still wonder if this advantage is worth it for fog lights that are only used in certain driving  conditions.

With this in mind, the LEDs are a lot more durable when compared to the halogen. These bulbs do not have a filament and are less prone to becoming damaged. In addition to this, the relative brightness for the power that they draw makes then a lot more effective when you truly need them in weather conditions that cause poor  visibility.

The majority of the also produce a better whiter light of 4,000K or higher when compared to the halogens. Traditionally the fog lights were once yellow, this was once thought to increase visibility as yellow lights offer longer wavelength compared to white light. Yet studies have gone onto prove that the white lights are equally as effective as the yellow lights when it comes to illuminating objects when driving through  fog.

Fog lights are often one of those contentious issues for a few people, and even more when considering LEDs. However, for those who are interested in switching to LED fog lights, here is a list of the 4 of the best LED fog lights available on the markets.

  1. JDM Astar (Extremely Bright High Power) LED  Bulbs

Brightness: 950 lumens @ 10W per  bulb

LED: High Power  5W

Color: 6,000 Xenon  White

Lifespan: 20,000  hours

Warranty: 1  Year

Cost:  $29.99

JDM Astar offers a large selection of products, in different applications as well as in each category. The selection in fog lights are also extensive, and this is the model which is classified as the budget option. At just $30, it is regarded as a fairly affordable option and provides everything you would expect in a standard fog light. The broad selection on offer through JDM Astar is associated with many development years that is aimed at automotive LED technology, which has allowed for a way to continuously release the latest products linked to their latest  developments.

  1. OPT7 LED Fog Light Kits With Arc-Beam  Bulbs

Brightness: 3,500 lumens @ 30W per  bulb


Color: 6,000K Cool  White

Lifespan: 50,000  hours

Warranty: 2  years

Cost:  $99.99

Opt7 is recognized as one of the leading brands when it comes to the LED automotive markets since the release of their 1st Flux Beam product. Their reputation is backed by extensive experience over the years, for the development of HID kits. This company is situated in California, where they continuously produce top-rated HID products, where they have gone onto expand the LED range they have on offer to cover all types of automotive  requirements.

This is the fog-light kit with the highest price in the Opt7 range and is basically the light bulbs that are installed as the low beams. This is why it has a brightness that is a lot brighter than most of its competitors along with the conventional standard fog lights. This has caused the requirement of a cooling-system which is offered by Opt7’s Modular-Heat Protection, which is available with the 7,000RPM TurboCool fan along with the RedLine Cool control  driver.

  1. The Kensun (New Technology) LED Headlight Conversion  Kit

Brightness: 3,000 lumens @ 30W per  bulb


Color:  6,000K

Lifespan: 30,000  hours

Warranty: 2  years

Cost:  $59.99

While this company still advertises this product as “New Technology”, this kit has been on the markets for almost two years already. Yet this company is still well-known for offering products of great quality at more affordable prices, which they back up with their “number one in customer service and quality”, claims along with their 2-year standard  warranty.

Similar to the company Opt7, Kensun has progressed significantly in the HID markets onto better and newer things. However, they have still managed to keep everything simple. With this product they only offer 1 other LED light bulb which is suitable for a fog light associated with their just recently released ETI LED  chips.

  1. The Opt7 CREE Series 5202 LED Light  Bulbs

Brightness: 700 lumens @ 11W per  bulb


Color:  5,000K

Lifespan: 60,000  hours

Warranty: 1  year

Cost:  $32.95

This is a product specifically designed as a type of fog-light replacement compared to other products that offer dual uses. With this specific design, there is a drop when it comes to the light output. This is what brings about the lowered price of $33. The lack in moving parts and fan, the durability of the light bulb improves in offering a life-span of 60,000 hours, which is a number that no other manufacturer has  exceeded.

If you are in search of the very best LED fog lights currently available, then the Opt7 Arc-Beam is the best choice. Yet at $100 these lights are not cheap yet still offer the very best in performance and reliability. If you are looking for a more affordable price, then the JDM Astar at just $30 is a preferable choice. It may not offer the brightness of the Opt7 Arc-Beam but will still outshine the halogen bulbs along with offering other important  benefits.

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