10 Most Extraordinary Restaurants in the World

 Nowadays, we all want sometimes to relax and forget all our problems. We also need to spend time with our nearest and dearest. The most popular places for that are cafes and restaurants. There you can go alone and have a good rest. As well, you can celebrate something special in such establishments. You can also have a romantic event. Such places are perfect for everything. There are many various cafes and restaurants all over the world. So, one day you can go to the café in India, but do not forget to have an India e-visa. Another day, you can take your friends and fly to the USA and visit cafes there. It is up to you. There are the most extraordinary cafes in the world. Make the right choice for  you.

  1. Dans le Noir- France

The title of the restaurant means “in the dark”. This place started working in 2004. It was created by Etienne Boisrond, Paul Gino and Eduard de Broglie to respect the blind. The sense of this establishment is to show how blind people live and feel. Moreover, blind people work here as waiters.At the entrance, visitors mustput asideeverything that can be as a source of light: watches, phones, pocket lights.There is no menu in this café because you cannot read in the dark.However, directors assure that in the very dark you can feel a real taste and smell of dishes. Every day the restaurant welcomes two groups of  visitors.


  1. Kauppi Iisalmi- Finland

This restaurant is extremely exclusive. The name of it is translated a “closet”. In 1994, the Finnish restaurant was listed in the Guinness book of records. This restaurant is considered the smallest establishment in the world. Its area is only 8 square meters. Despite the small size, you will have everything here for your relax: bar, toilet, TV, and terrace. The important information is that the restaurant is open only a month a year, from June to July, so it is hard to visit it. This is a perfect place for new emotions and positive  impressions.

  1. Matchmaker Care-New  York

This café is really perfect for lonely people because the main idea of it is not to allow people to be alone. Waiters communicate with all guests. If they learn that a person does not have another half, they will propose to register his or her on a special dating site. There a person can find a partner with common interests and invite him or her for a cup of  tea.


  1. New Lucky Restaurant-India

This restaurant is very strange because it is built on an ancient cemetery of the city Ahmadabad. Visitors have an opportunity to dine in the circle of decedents. Coffins are situated directly between the tables of this establishment. The owner of this place considers that this place gives a fortune to his business. There are a lot of visitors there. In addition, all workers in this place also feel good. So, if you like something mystical, get an India e-visa and come to the world of  silence.

  1. Restaurant in the  Sky-Belgium

If you enjoy extreme and beautiful views, a restaurant Dinner in the Sky is a perfect place for your relax. A special crane raises a table with visitors above the city buildings and streets. You can delight delicious dishes up in the  sky.

  1. Disaster  Café-Spain

The restaurant is located in a little town near Barcelona. Outside the restaurant is usually without any surprises, but inside guests will find many interesting things. The plates in the restaurant are harder than usual, and the staff work in helmets and with safety cables behind the belts. It is not a simple wish. In the middle of the dinner, artificial cave-cellars suddenly begins to shake earthquake of 7-8 points. Everything is shaking and plates are falling down. You will also experience a flashing light. It is a real  disaster.

  1. Hadaka  Sushi-USA

Everybody knows that Los Angeles is really beautiful. There are many places, where you can spend a good time and eat tasty food. Hadaka Sushi is almost a usual restaurant. However, the serving here is unique and distinguished from others.Female bodies serve as plates in the restaurant. Girls with model appearance lay on the table and are covered with banana leaves. On top of it, every customer has sushi. The restaurant is especially popular among  males.

  1. Calico Cat  Café-Tokyo

In the menu of the Tokyo restaurant, you will find not only food but also cats! This place is full of real cats. You can play with them, stroke them and take pictures. Moreover, you have an opportunity to visit the cafe with your pet.This café is devoted to animals, so, first of all, you need to order food for your pet and only then for yourself. And the dishes should be from the same category. So, if you eat fish, then your animal has to try something from the gifts of the sea. Interesting and funny? Then hurry to this amazing place. Remember to take your  pet.

  1. A monkey  restaurant-Japan

The specialty of this restaurant is that all waiters here are monkeys. They do everything that you want. They are intelligent and can serve a table, bring some towels and drinks. The owner of this place taught monkeys the art of serving. So, if you like these lovely animals, go to this amazing  place.


  1. A restaurant of  silence-USA

This restaurant is very interesting because here you cannot speak. The owner of this place thinks that this place is perfect for considering, enjoying food and delighting silent. If you are tired of hustle and bustle, you can come here and  relax.

There is a wide range of all possible restaurants and cafes with their unique concept and extraordinary serving. You can become a part of one of the most unusual restaurants in the world and feel this interesting atmosphere. Do not forget to look around. Maybe, one of such places is waiting for you in your country, in your  city.

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