10 Places to Find American Made Auto Accessories


Buying American-made is still important. Why? According to HuffPost, one reason is that manufacturers who make products here spend money in the communities they reside in, employing workers and supporting their families. Beyond patriotism, buying American-made products is one way of supporting the economic development of our communities and the national  economy.

But when it comes to automobiles, it’s  complicated.

That’s because even though Ford and GM build many cars here, they also order parts from overseas, as well as having some factories there. But Nissan, a Japanese brand, makes the Altima, Maxima, Quest, and other cars in U.S.  plants.

So, even though the car shopping process can make the “American-made” tagline a little complicated, there is one way you can support the U.S. — by buying any auto accessories that are 100% made-in-the-USA. This article takes a look at 10 great places to find American-made auto  accessories.

1. Advance Auto  Parts
No auto accessories list would be complete without Advance Auto Parts. This online retailer also has more than 5,073 stores with 73,000  employees.

Their online portal is very robust, you can search for virtually any made-in-the-USA car accessory you can think of. From cleaning products to keep a car in tip-top shape to seat covers to bug guards and shields. But before making any purchases, be sure to check for Advance Auto Parts discounts to use on their site. Customers can usually save around 25% or more on the Advance Auto Parts  site.

2. Amazon
Many online shoppers start and end at Amazon for all the best deals on — anything they want to buy. Amazon’s search features let the user look for “American auto accessories” or “made-in-the-USA auto accessories,” and both searches bring up a variety of goodies for the car. The categories are divided by accessories for the interior or exterior of the vehicle. There’s car cleaning tools, USB cables, and much, much  more.

3. Auto Anything

AutoAnything currently has 56 products that pop up from a search of “USA.” Some of the auto accessories it lists include USA-made truck covers, truck racks, bumper lights, and hitch covers. AutoAnything is a great place to shop for USA-made accessories for the car or truck; it is one of the fastest online shops for specialized car products. If you don’t want to buy full price, a quick search will give you a plethora of coupons for AutoAnything. Right now shoppers can pick up a free shipping coupon code good for free shipping on WeatherTech products — another American-made  product.

4. Auto Accessories  Garage
Shop the Auto Accessories Garage for overstocks, price matching, and fast, free shipping on the exterior and interior accessories for the car. The company is family-owned and has been based in Frankfort, Illinois since 2005. They offer made-in-America customer service, too, and continue to expand their offerings to include all kinds of car  accessories.

5. Autozone

Autozone is the nation’s leading auto parts and accessories retailer. There are currently more than 5,000 stores in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Brazil, and Mexico. The company is part of the Fortune 500 and publicly traded on the stock exchange. Fiscal sales will top $10 billion this year alone. The company has been around for 30  years.

Autozone is a great place to begin a search for American made car accessories; they have virtually any brand imaginable. But before you shop, pick up an AutoZone coupon code from Dealspotr for another 20%  off.

6. Buy Direct  USA

The marketing slogan for Buy Direct USA is “Buy American for America” and that is exactly what this website allows consumers to do. There is a whole section on Automotive Accessories and Parts Made in the USA. The site list links to manufacturers of items like car decals, parts to restore old vehicles, and even a US maker of that “new car smell” — auto air fresheners. The site serves as kind of a clearinghouse for all things made in the  USA.

7. FH Group
Seat covers and floor mats are some of the most common car accessories found in any type of vehicle today. FH Group is a small company that offers accessories designed to make a car more comfortable. From lumbar massaging backrests, organizers, and custom seat covers, FH Group offers them all on their website offering. This is a made-in-America company that offers a variety of luxury accessories for all the cars in the  driveway.

8. Keep  America

The Keep America website is devoted to selling only American products. Consumers can find all kinds of things made here,  including:
Health and beauty products
Pet items
Sporting goods
Hobby supplies
Outdoor items
These are all 100% made-in-the-USA products that bring and keep jobs here in our country. Check out their auto accessories page for everything from floor mats to rim wax, decals to license plate  holders.

9. Stylin’  Trucks

The Stylin’ Trucks website features parts and accessories for some of the most iconic American brands in the car world: Ford, Chevy, and GM, to name three examples. For 20 years, Stylin’ Trucks has been a part of the Stylin’ Brands line of car parts and accessories. From lighting to interior and exterior accessories, their website has been the trusted provider of truck enhancements in the United  States.

10. Weathertech
We’ll end our list with Weathertech, which offers 100% made-in-the-USA car accessories. These are high-end hand-crafted floor mats made to fit the individual brand of car. These are add-ons to a vehicle designed to protect any vehicle investment. The price is higher, but there are plenty of Weathertech promo codes available to help you  out.

This Holiday, Buy  American

This holiday season, no matter what the purchase, consider researching American products and services to buy. Whether it’s auto accessories, electronics, or clothing, try to keep our economy strong by buying from  home.

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