10 Signs your Business is Sinking

By Chris Sewell Digital Media, Special for  USDR

According to an article appearing in the Huffington Post, by John Swanciger, CEO of Manta, ‘Social media has made a major impact in the way businesses attract and keep customers, both old and new.’ Acquiring new clients, customers, or patients for local businesses poses additional challenges because of social  media.

‘This impact is magnified for NYC businesses because targeting all of New York City using traditional advertising often results in wasted dollars spent,’ says Chris Sewell, creator of Chris Sewell Digital Media located in Brooklyn, New York, an online marketing firm that specializes in creating Facebook and Google Adwords campaigns for NYC based  businesses.

Not having a social media strategy is just one of ten warning signs Mr. Sewell discusses with his clients when they hire his firm to attract more clients, customers, or patients using the Internet. This is why he has created a 7-page guide called, ‘Life Support for NYC Businesses: 10 Warning Signs Your NYC Business May Become Extinct Like The Dinosaurs & What To Do About  It.’

The guide functions more like a checklist that a New York City based business can use to determine if their company is on track to survive in this new digital economy or not. The guide checks the pulse of a NYC business in the following  areas:

1) social media strategy

2) online sales funnels

3) positioning within Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx

4) inspiring trust locally

Because Mr. Sewell was born in Brooklyn and lives there, he is offering NYC business owners his 7-page survival checklist for free. The guide is available for immediate download. You can request your copy at http://ChrisSewellDigitalMedia.NYC or his company Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/chrissewelldigitalmedia. For his free marketing videos, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel at  https://www.youtube.com/c/ChrisSewellDigitalMediaNY.

SOURCE Chris Sewell Digital  Media

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