20 Ways to Trigger Abundance

By Jackie Lapin, Special for US Daily Review.

You’re seeing your savings dwindling, and you’re getting deeper in debt. Fear is dominating your days and depression your nights. Willingly or unwillingly, you’re feeding that monster called “Lack.” So let’s call an audible, as they say in football, and switch plays right now. Let’s start focusing on the end zone and the touchdown you are going to score by looking ahead, not behind.

Stick to your own game plan. Don’t listen to the news and other negative reinforcement. Your game plan is your own and will put you in the plus column if you just keep heading down field. Focus on these 20 game-winning strategies to trigger prosperity and abundance in your life.

1. Make a choice to be abundant. Let go of all other limiting beliefs. Set your intention.

2. Live the concept of unlimited abundance in your personal and professional life. Abundance for all drives the worldwide economic engine. You can operate a business responsibly on a budget and at the same time leave the door open for expansion. Operate from prudence, not scarcity. Set an intention for growth at the same time that you build your budget. Create goals that have room for increased revenue. Take actions that show your confidence in the fact that unlimited abundance is headed your way, and is earmarked for your future and the future of the world. There are unlimited opportunities for you out there. You just have to allow yourself to be guided to them.

3. Define prosperity for yourself. More time? More freedom? Less stress? More money to spend on what? More ways to share your wealth?

4. See the world as an opportunity, not a hostile environment. Always view a challenge as a chance to create anew!

5. Each day put the Law of Attraction to work on your behalf. Make sure that you are operating on a high frequency with positive focus, acts and values—and make correction where it is not. If you are operating on a high frequency, you are resonating with the Universe’s vibration and you should attract money, resources, and business that are in alignment with you and your highest good.

6. Be open to change. The Universe puts things in your path for a reason. Resistance chokes off the flow.

7. Everything happens for a reason. There are no accidents. No doubt you have heard this before. If you stay open to this guidance, you will engage greater prosperity and opportunity. For example, let go of continually challenging clients or projects because the Universe is trying to give you a message. There is something better that awaits. Make energetic room for it.

8. Is your work right for you, or do you need to make a change? If you hate your job, your energy is destroying its ability to produce revenue. Does your work match your passion? Do you like your clients? What can you do both energetically and action-wise to change this—change your attitude, try a more positive approach with others, be more grateful, ask to shift roles in the company, take on more or less responsibility, delegate further, ask to be treated differently, start looking for a new job, put in your resignation, start your own business? Don’t hold onto a job because it’s paying the bills. And if you get “downsized,” count your blessings. Have faith there is a better opportunity if you open the door for it.

9. Give great value. You serve yourself when you serve others, both in business and personally. Let others spread the word about you, your commitment, and your generosity!

10. Listen to your intuition. The Universe is speaking through your spirit. If you ignore it, you’ll miss opportunities, make the wrong decisions about utilizing money, or worse—find yourself in unpleasant circumstances.

11. Don’t ignore things! Step up and take responsibility. If the bills are piling up, don’t shove them in the drawer. Offer payment plans, talk to your bank/creditors, and so on. Create an exit strategy to your “short term shortage.” Unclog the energy by giving it a place to flow.

12. Be open to where your abundance will come from. It’s not always just from your paycheck. Review positive opportunities for wealth that could be yours—even if they seem a bit far-fetched. Dreaming is more than dreaming, it begins the process of creation. Let go of preconceived notions about where your money is coming from. Think about money in new terms—trade out, barter, additional staff or support so you can do more and bring in more income.

13. Be clear about what you want! The Universe can’t present it if you are confused, unsure, and unspecific. Focus on what you do want. Not the problems or the images of pending disaster you have built up in your mind — unless you want to attract that. Create your personal and professional goals with a strong vision of success. Put them in writing.

14. When faced with a decision, do what feels good to you. Your body will tell you if this is the right or wrong decision. Or whether you are operating out of fear instead of optimism, enthusiasm, and excitement. If you make a decision from fear, it will surely cause the results to be unsatisfying. You’ll feel it clearly through butterflies or tightness in your abdomen, headaches, stiffness in your neck. Look for the signs. If it “feels” good, you are on the right path.

15. Act with vigor and vision. Take steps that demonstrate to the Universe that you are deserving of abundance and worthy of the world’s largess. Through your actions, show your co-workers, friends, and family that you believe in the bounty that this world affords, and that you have faith in the Universe and in the future to create the opportunities for a better life, a better nation and a better world. Embrace that robust future by taking the first steps.

16. Pay it forward. Do good deeds and make generous overtures to others, simply asking the recipients to pay it forward. Create the energy that will heal and repair, and plant positive healthy seeds that will allow abundance to grow.

17. Allow things to happen—surrender. Follow the guidance; the signs will be there. The doors will open. You don’t need to push. . . Let the Universe move the pieces on the chess board, with you as the King.

18. Remember how powerful you are! You have the ability to create whatever you can conceive!

19. Don’t work all the time, and don’t think about work all the time. Enjoy the other parts of your life that bring you joy. It is your state of joy and fun that will allow your frequency to call forth the abundance that creates more joy.

20. Create something new that excites you! Find one thing that you love and can at least generate a little money right away. Your passion and enthusiasm will kick start your positive energy and focus your attention on opportunity and forward motion. This will create momentum that will lead to greater success and prosperity. A little excitement goes a long way toward priming the pump!

Jackie Lapin is the world leader in educating, mentoring and coaching people on Practical Conscious Creation. She is the bestselling author of “The Art of Conscious Creation; How You Can Transform the World” and “Practical Conscious Creation: Daily Techniques to Manifest Your Desires.”  Filled with specific and imaginative practices, Practical Conscious Creation offers 70 articles with step-by-step actions to achieve greater empowerment and a more satisfying lifestyle. To learn how to become a better, faster manifestor, secure a free chapter of “Practical Conscious Creation” or receive Jackie Lapin’s daily manifesting tips, visit www.jackielapin.com.

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