2012: Stop Protesting and Take Responsibility

By Malcolm Out Out, Contributor, US Daily Review.

You know you’ve just come through a strange year when Time Magazine names their person of the year: ‘The Protester’. The Occupy Wall Street movement has captured the headlines throughout the United States as people continue to voice their opposition to anything and everything.

I can sum up our biggest problem today in two words: Personal Responsibility. It seems to me there is a deficiency of accountability and responsibility that has become prevalent in our society today. It’s become all to acceptable to blame the next guy for what ails you. It’s been a year of bailouts, joblessness and occupying our city parks and public facilities.

That’s right, people are angry and they are lashing out and blaming anyone that’s blamable – minus themselves. Sure I understand that people are not happy, they’ve lost their job, their quality of life has plummeted and their government appears to be on a spending and borrowing spree. But where does personal accountability come in?

Are those holding signs on the streets and organizing protests trying to create social change? It is a question worth asking: how much change can they achieve with public protests? How much can they bring to fruition if they start this change process with themselves?

If we are to succeed as a nation, then we need to grow up and succeed as individuals first and take responsibility for our own actions.

You are the driver of your own destiny and you have no one else to blame for your successes or your failures. I have always found the end of a year a great cleansing opportunity to rid myself of those projects and people that I’ve tired of. The birth of a new year provides a terrific platform in which to spring from. Use this opportunity to readjust your program and redirect your life. Follow these 7 steps and you’ll be on your way:

1. Make a short list of all the positive points that are happening in your life (c’mon you can find 5 or 6 points)

2. Make the dreaded shortfall list (what are the areas that you must improve on)

3. From that list, what are the 3 points that are holding you back from improving your life

4. Take each of these three points and list out both the proactive steps you’ve attempted to rectify the situation and then list out what scares you the most in changing the course of direction (call this the cop-out list)

5. Why? It’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. What is holding you back, be specific here. Analyze your answers, scrutinize your data, how can you improve on the proactive steps?

6. Take the cop-out list and find a work around, there must be another road to accomplishing what you need to accomplish (no settling here)

7. To truly excel in ones work is to truly enjoy your work. Settle and you’ll spend a lifetime regretting it, now is the time to jump into what excites you. It might be painful at first, but it will be worth it!

The end of the year can be that line in the sand you’ve been meaning to draw. Promise yourself not to bring your baggage forward into the new year. Yes, it is that easy! Just put your mind to it…

About Malcolm Out Loud:

Social and political news commentator Malcolm Out Loud is also the host of WebTV show Malcolm Out Loud TV, an acclaimed motivational speaker, founder of Brink Thinking and the author of the book Smash The Competition. More about him at www.MalcolmOutLoud.TV

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