2014 Voters, “Dazed and Confused”

By Kevin Price, Editor in Chief,  USDR.

From Kevin price’s column in the Huffington  Post:


Political pundits are describing the 2014 elections as the most devastating defeat of Democrats in recent history. Republicans increased their majority in the U.S. House that it already controlled, took over the U.S. Senate, and even dominated state  Houses.

The Politico  reports,

Tuesday’s Republican midterm wave also rippled across the nation’s state governments, with the GOP grabbing three governorships and majorities in at least 10 new legislative chambers – further tightening their grip on the levers of power at the state level. Republicans will hold 31 of the country’s 50 governorships next year – perhaps 32, if late-counted ballots push Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell ahead of his independent challenger, Bill Walker. They will also hold between 67 and 69 of the 98 partisan state legislative chambers – more than at any point in history, according to the Republican State Leadership Committee.

This, of course, is a beautiful part of the Republican narrative. They will be talking about this for months and maybe even years to come. It was simply that big of a victory. However, in spite of this historic win, something is very wrong in this incredible, bright red mosaic called the GOP political map. Throughout the country, as states voted for Republican candidates for office, they largely voted against GOP policies in their initiative and referendum positions. Below are just a few  examples.

In Massachusetts, as the state elected a Republican governor, over 60 percent of the electorate passed a ballot measure guaranteeing paid sick days to about a million  people.

In Colorado, as the GOP defeated a Democrat incumbent in the Senate, the voters opposed…(read  more)

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