3 Innovative Strategies to Improve Your Business’s Social Media

It wasn’t that long ago when the idea of advertising on social media seemed like a silly concept to most businesses. However, now more than ten years on from when Facebook exploded onto the scene, nearly every company has a presence on social media in some way. Unfortunately though, plenty of companies still make elementary mistakes in their social media implementation. The good news is though, there are measures you can take to improve your company’s social-media presence. Here are three ideas to get you  started:

Look to the  Frontier

Like pioneers or astronauts before us, the vast, untamed wilderness that is the internet hosts a myriad of platforms and new features that come in and out of vogue seemingly by the day. However, before Facebook was Facebook, it wasn’t much. That means the next big thing could be out there –– indeed, the next great social media trend may already exist. The key is identifying it, and more importantly, your business’s opportunities to advertise your brand there. Sometimes getting there first really does  matter.

Go  Organic

Paid advertisements on social media sites are a wonderful way to target potential customers. But it’s not the only method to reach people on Facebook or Twitter. Rather, creating organic content –– like a blog –– to bolster your advertisements is a fabulous way to increase your online presence. For example: say your company manufactures lab equipment. It would be wise to keep your ads brief and eye-catching –– that’s how an ad works best. However, a blog post allows you to be more expensive. So while an ad might simply state that you deal with “lab equipment,” a blog post can elaborate on the virtues of a new cellcoat tc plate. In simpler terms, a blog allows you to go deeper than an ad does and provides a valuable resource for your potential  customers.

Value Quality over  Quantity

It’s understandable that businesses, like everyday people, can get caught up in the addictive practice of chasing “likes.” And don’t misunderstand us; it’s great if your company is able to garner likes, retweets, shares, follows, etc. But remember that likes don’t drive business. Sales do. Your company expanded into social media to gain new customers, and generate new business. So while it may be tempting to measure your social media efforts based on popularity alone, it’s better practice to determine how many sales each post and ad is creating. That way, you’ll know if you’re reaching your demographic, and that people are responding to your message –– with money –– in addition to  clicks.

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