3 Risk Factors Causing ADHD & Neuro-behavioral Conditions: Book reveals new assessments you need to know NOW!

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Informative, revealing, and groundbreaking. The American Epidemic: Solutions for Over-medicating Our Youth and educational DVD offer compelling insight and knowledge regarding the assessment and treatment of neuro-behavioral disorders including ADHD, depression, OCD, and autism. As a passionate advocate providing over 26 years of assessment and medication counseling for children, this compilation is a benefit to students, parents, educators, and all health care professionals. Additionally, chiropractic neurology specialist Dr. Michael Husmillo stresses an individualistic, as well as a systematic approach in the clinical assessment of neuro-behavioral conditions and encourages our society to empower their minds with knowledge in the book prior to premature drug therapy.

The United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) Child Foster Care drug audit report of December 2011 uncovered the injustice, where children with behavioral conditions were overmedicated with powerful stimulant and psychiatric drugs. In this report, GAO investigators discovered extensive mismanagement of the child foster care system by state mental health directors. This injustice can be avoided through comprehensive clinical assessment of neuro-behavioral symptoms, thus eradicating instances of overmedication. The American Epidemic: Solutions for Over-medicating Our Youth reiterates the overwhelming fact, which reminds care-providers and medical team experts to apply one of the most basic and common truths about life, found in the proverbial saying “Look before you leap,” which is synonymous to comprehensive clinical assessment of causation before prescribing medication.

Creating a remarkable impact in the clinical field helping those battling behavioral challenges, we invite you to offer the book and educational DVD in your practice, organization, or business. Learn how neuro-behavioral treatment via chiropractic neurology can be successful through keen, careful, and meticulous determination of causative symptoms prior to the administration of drug therapy. Ruling out nutritional, neuro-physiological, and environmental risk factors prior to prescribing stimulant and psychiatric medications is a mandate for positive behavioral development.

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As a board-certified pharmacist with over 26 years consultative experience specializing in attention deficit disorder and psychiatric medications as well as director of pharmacy operations at BCOM adult psychiatric hospital, I am passionate about recommending the Action Plan for Childhood Behavioral Conditions, as discussed in The American Epidemic. Additionally, the non-profit organization Coalition Against Overmedicating Our Youth serves to help children and adults by determining the cause of behavioral conditions….providing free bio-assessment recommendations as well as medication counseling for safe protocols.

Dr. Michael Husmillo is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley. He obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life Chiropractic College West where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. He completed a postdoctoral three year neurology course through the Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies in Clinical Neurology leading to the certification of a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board. In addition, Dr. Husmillo had completed advanced studies in the treatment of childhood learning and behavioral disorders. He also holds a fellowship from the American College of Functional Neurology. This has provided Dr. Husmillo the ability to create a unique approach to treating children with neurobehavioral disorders. He is the clinical director at Optimum Chiropractic Neurology Center in Troy, Michigan, which is one of only 404 specialty chiropractic neurology centers in the world.

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