$304 Million Dollars and Not a Single Person Covered

By Dr. Larry Kawa, Special for USDR

The Obamacare success stories just keep coming in. From the bright minds that brought you healthcare.gov, it has now been revealed that the federal government has spent over $304 million dollars in grants for the Cover Oregon health insurance website, which has not covered one single American.

Apparently the only way you can get health insurance in Oregon is through a “hybrid” model in which you sign up on the website but then have to finish your registration on paper, as opposed to just filling out the health insurance form on paper to begin with.

Cover Oregon is the only health insurance exchange in the United States of America where individuals cannot sign up for health insurance in one sitting.

Now Oregon officials are debating whether to hire a new IT contractor and spend hundreds of millions more, switching over to the federal exchange, or piggybacking on another state-based exchange.

The state of Oregon only illustrates the disaster that the entire Obama healthcare law has become. Oregon can’t build a health insurance website (sounds familiar). Maryland can’t build one either and just flushed $125 million down the drain. The administration can’t decide whether they want the employer mandate or whether they want to continue punting it down the road. The majority of people insured under this law already had health insurance.

I will give Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber some credit. He did politically clean house and most of those in charge of the Cover Oregon program have been fired, unlike the federal government, where there was zero accountability for the healthcare.gov debacle.

That’s the most upsetting thing about what’s going on with the federal government. There is no accountability. The President can unilaterally decide to suspect the Constitution and change an act of Congress, and nobody has even the inclination to question on what authority he has done so.

We don’t always expect every idea to be successful. We don’t expect our political leaders to be perfect. We do expect that political leaders will be held accountable for their actions. Sadly this is not the case.

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