4 Benefits to Using Magento eCommerce For Your Business

The eCommerce world is moving faster than ever, and it’s critical for your business to keep up. Some firms choose to invest a great deal in programming capacity and in-house development. Instead of making such a large overhead investment, to get the most for your money, we suggest using the Magento platform for your eCommerce business.

Total eCommerce sales in the United States are projected to pass $700 billion by 2022. Magento offers a wide variety of customizable eCommerce solutions, all in an easy-to-use back-end system. Here are four of the benefits of using the Magento platform to grow your eCommerce business.

Low-Tech Back-End Management

Magento’s back-end dashboard is easy to use even for those with little developer experience. The intuitive dashboard is the default home page of the admin panel. It features drag-and-drop design features that make it easy to build the site as you visualize it. It also provides easy access to metrics of your site’s performance and activity, including sales numbers, frequently used search terms, order activity, and more.

The flexible Magento eCommerce back-end design makes it easy to train your employees and manage your eCommerce site even without substantial in-house developer capacity.

SEO Optimization

Magento makes it painless and easy to optimize your eCommerce site for SEO. Because Magento is an open-source tool, developers have created a number of custom SEO solutions that make it more likely for your products to show up in Bing and Google searches and increase your organic traffic. The Magento platform provides meta-implementation and URL structure options that are designed for SEO, as well as analytics for monitoring site traffic so you can see for yourself what your unique customers respond to best.

A Variety of Basic Payment Options

Magento allows for the seamless integration of a plethora of payment options that make it easier and more intuitive for customers to use your site. A quick and intuitive checkout process can decrease the share of abandoned carts and drive customers through the sales funnel to purchase your products.

Magento provides support for a wide variety of basic payment options that customers prefer, including Amazon Payments, 2Checkout, Braintree, PayPal, and Stripe. Braintree is a A PayPal company that facilitates the processing of credit card payments by storing recurring credit card and billing information.

Mobile-Friendly Design

With more customers making eCommerce purchases on their smartphones and mobile devices, it is more important than ever to have a site with a mobile-friendly design. By 2021, projections suggest that more than half of eCommerce sales across sectors will come from mobile.

Magento provides a mobile-friendly checkout process and mobile-responsive themes, as well as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), which combine the utility of a mobile app with the customer experience of a traditional desktop site.

The Magento eCommerce platform offers a whole host of benefits that make it easier to manage your site, create a superior customer experience, and help potential customers find your products. Consider switching to Magento to take your eCommerce business to the next level.

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