4 Critical Mistakes People Make When Choosing A Family Law Attorney

If you are going through an emotional whirlwind of a family law case, it’s easy to fall prey to someone who doesn’t know how to represent your case properly, here are three critical mistakes people make when hiring a family law attorney. Make sure you avoid these mistakes!

1.  Letting an Associate Represent Your Case

Going through a separation is hard and it can be challenging to share the intricate details of your marriage with someone you don’t know. That may have you turn to someone that you know that can practice law to resolve the matter. However, working with someone you know might be more awkward and they might be the wrong person to hire.

That said, hiring a friend to represent your case isn’t prohibited, but you and your friend will be put in a difficult situation when you will have to disclose a lot of personal details that include your intimate relationship and financial status.

Your attorney needs to know these elements of your relation to represent your case better. Making things more difficult, if your friend is also on good terms with your soon to be ex-wife, you may not get the representation you were looking for.

You probably want to consider going with a different lawyer and paying a bit more because you get what you pay for. Let’s say you live in Burlington, then, do a google search for “Best Family Law Burlingtonand review your options for who might be best to represent your case. Our recommendation would be to think carefully about who you hire.

2.  Hiring Only Because Of Word of Mouth

Testimonials from a satisfied client are a lawyer’s best investment. When hiring a lawyer, it’s important you ask around for referrals. But you have to mind the fact that not every case is the same. You need to mind a few discrepancies.

Just because your friend won the case with a great financial settlement, it doesn’t mean you will enjoy the same perks. Every case is unique, and you need to mind the following before setting your expectations:

  • Prenuptial Agreement
  • Children
  • Same-Sex Marriage
  • Hidden Assets of Spouse

Every single of these factors different one lawyer’s expertise from another. Your case might need a lawyer skilled in disputing or upholding these issues. So, you have to mind his credentials in light of your situation to evaluate whether you have the right candidate to represent you or not.

3.  Hire Someone Who Makes You Uncomfortable

Lawyers are trained for persuasion. Therefore, you need to be prepared when interviewing a lawyer. If you feel the lawyer misleads you or you have a trust issue, don’t hire him.

It’s important you feel easy with the person because you will be working with him for a long time. You need someone who has your best interest and will follow your instructions. Avoid a lawyer who chooses the most aggressive means possible.

4.  Rush the Selection Process

Most lawyers will start legal proceedings at the moment; they will file motions and instigate discovers to gain a competitive advantage. This might be right for you if time is an issue. On the contrary, marriages go through several issues, and couples find their way back to each other. So, instead of finding an attorney, try a couple counselling first.

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