4 Selling Tactics for the 21st Century

The days of in-store conversion are effectively over. Each year more business is done remotely, both during the holiday season and throughout the year. There are now a whole new host of tactics businesses use that turn casual browsers into valued customers. Here’s a look at conversion tactics in the 21st Century and how your business can up its sales.

Better SEO, Better Margins

Search engine optimization isn’t flashy, but it is an essential aspect of your business. First, devise a comprehensive keyword strategy. Keywords determine how many people will see your website when they use a search engine. Make sure your keywords are relevant for your product as well as similar products. Potential customers who search for similar or competing products may come across your products as well. Use Google’s and Bing’s keyword tools that help determine which keywords are best for your site and individual products.

Integrate Social Media

Social media can’t be underestimated and it’s important you link your Facebook, Twitter, etc. accounts with your e-commerce website. Furthermore, as a business person, you are not only selling a product but an image. Those who use your product want to know you are in business not only for sales but because you enjoy the community. An active presence on social media and celebrating the success of others shows loyal and potential customers alike that you are part of a larger community.

Up-Sell, Cross-Sell

Education is a huge part of your business. Often consumers don’t know what they want until you show it to them, and that means they need you to tell them what your product is for. This is part of both up-sales and cross-sales. Optimize your e-commerce site to suggest better and related products as customers browse. Write helpful and informative descriptions of your products that explain why a customer’s need X over Y and Z to complement X. A little education can open a new world for a potential customer and lead them on a spending spree. For instance, many direct sales companies were once seen as pyramid schemes. To change that, Amway shared information about how it’s company works and how it supports Independent Business Owners. With a little knowledge came a change in perception, and now Amway is a worldwide leader in the direct sales business world.

Relationships Are Sales

The moment someone visits your website a relationship begins between that person and your product and business. Whether they interact with you on social media, the phone, or by email, the way you treat one another dictates the way the immediate and future sales will go. Of course, this starts with a clear and concise mission and message. Your SEO strategy is paramount when it comes to reaching customers. Your social media presence is essential for your business’s image, promotion, and outreach. Up and cross-sale strategies both start with the education of your customer base. While an optimized website that uses algorithms to deduce and suggest what customers may want will increase sales, the thorough copy you provide that informs customers why they need more comprehensive or corresponding products are where the real sale is made. Take these steps and increase your sales through genuine interactions.

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