4 Steps to Building a Convincing Commercial Portfolio


Taking beautiful pictures and posting them is nice for a freelance photographer. But for someone who is doing photography to earn a living out of it, you need take pictures, edit them and put them in a convincing portfolio series for your potential clients to have a look at it when need  be.

As we all know, the very first thing a client will ask for from professional commercial photographers is their portfolio. This is because the client will be able to know for sure if you take the profession seriously and if you are worth booking depending on how good or bad your portfolio  is.

Therefore, you have to have a good portfolio before you can get any assignments (or clients). This post is meant to help you build a convincing portfolio for your commercial photography. So, keep  reading…

  • Choose the right market – Before you can become the best photographer, you need to identify the right market. The first step is deciding the kind of shoots you want to do and what your passion is. For example, if you love fashion and beauty, focus on that and because it is something that you have a passion for, it will be reflected in your images and ultimately give you an edge over other photographers. You can then go ahead and assemble a portfolio which will capture those prospective clients’ attention.

  • Don’t be afraid to start small – You have to start from somewhere before you can become the best at what you do. It is with practice, passion and experience that you will make it in commercial photography. So, do not be afraid to start small. As a matter of fat, start local and accept assignments from local clients (sometimes people who are close to you). By so doing, you will have content for your portfolio and with time be ready for a big market.

  • Look at other photographers’ portfolios – Thanks to the internet, you can find hundreds of photographers who have strong commercial photography portfolios to show. Find out what pictures they are selling and maybe you can find something to inspire you. In addition to this, since people always turn to the internet in search of services (including photography), create your own personal domain name and upload your portfolio for the internet user to see.

  • Take pictures that speak volumes – Since you are a professional in the business, take pictures that speak volumes. Don’t go for ordinary images that anyone would take but be creative and original with every image that you capture. This is what will make your portfolio stand out from the hundreds of other portfolios from photographers who are competing for the same clients.

To conclude, commercial photography is all about pleasing the clients. Before you can get booked on any assignment, you have to use your portfolio as your muscle. It is the only weapon that you can use to convince clients that you are the best choice for  them.

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