4 Tips to Find and Onboard Top Talent

Finding the right people take your business to the next level is often much easier said than done. In fact, in some sectors and labor markets, it can be much harder to find talent than capital or customers. Indeed, the idea that “people are your biggest asset” isn’t a cliché: it’s a fundamental strategic fact, because the success and, frankly, the survival of your business will ultimately depend on the skills, capacity, engagement and efficiency of your  workforce.

Here are five proven and practical tips to help you find the people you need to maximize your growth and profit potential, and stay at least one step ahead of your  competitors:

  • Tap Your Existing Workforce for Referrals

Just as how you strive to turn your customers into brand ambassadors who point prospects to your door (or virtual door), tap your existing workforce to spread the word about an opportunity. You can even offer incentives that range from gift cards, to getting a shout-out in the company newsletter or Facebook  page.

  • Have a Dedicated Careers Page on Your Website

A dedicated careers page on your website is a great (and free!) opportunity for you to advertise openings and, just as importantly, highlight what your organization is a great place to work. Just a few compelling paragraphs and some nice photos is all that you need. St. Louis-based Materialogic does this extremely well, and you can check it out at http://www.materialogic.com (you’ll find the tab to the careers page from the contact us drop-down  menu).

  • Ditch the Traditional Interview

Conventional interview questions like “tell me about your greatest strengths and weaknesses” aren’t just boring, but they’re hardly illuminating — especially since all good candidates will have a prepared answer. Instead of taking this route, have a conversation with candidates and ask behavioral-based questions (e.g. “tell me about a situation involving an angry client, what you did, and what you learned from the  experience.”).

  • Be Responsive and Respectful

Last but not least, as busy as things get in your environment, ensure that you’re responsive and respectful to all candidates, and that you tell them what the hiring process looks, and what your hiring timeline looks like. Otherwise, there’s a good chance that the coveted candidate you want will head to a competitor by the time you’re ready to  hire.

The Bottom Line

Finding the right people to take your business to the next level isn’t easy — but that doesn’t mean it should be risky and daunting. Keep the above tips in mind to augment your current recruiting processes and practices, and create a high-powered and engaged workforce that is a force to be reckoned  with!

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