5 Facts That Will Help You Understand Gas Production

The world that we live in today is run by gas and the production of gas has been the driving force of industrialization and the economy at large. Gas production is something that everyone needs to understand to better appreciate its importance to the advancement of the economy and the advancement of our world as a whole. Here are some of the crucial facts that you need to know to understand gas  production.

  1.    Natural gas has much broader use

The most important fact that one needs to understand about the gas production is that this is a product which has a lot of uses.  Many people just think of gas as only an energy source for running motor vehicles, power plants, domestic use or in running aircraft. However, gas production plays a role in basically every aspect of the day to day world. This is that gas production is applicable in the medical industry, pharmaceutical.   The production of gas is applicable in the textile industry, manufacture of plastic and even in the production of perfume and  fertilizer.

  1.    Gas Production runs the economy

The other very important fact that one needs to know is that the economy runs on gas production. This is to say in essence that gas production is directly responsible for over 2.5% of the GDP. This means that the world economy is run through gas production. In the US which is one of the highest consumers of gas attributes most of its GDP on gas production. Most of the world industrialized economy attributes their powerful economy to gas production. The gas used on transportation sector only accounts for a sixth of the world total GDP. This shows how crucial oil production really  is.

  1.    Gas Production is the primary source of energy

Globally gas production is the primary source of energy. This means that a third of humanity depends on gas production. Gas has multiple usages and without gas production. All of the world transportation is dependent on gas. This is because all vehicles and aircraft run on gas. All of the world industrializations is dependent on gas production as they use gas to power plants. If gas production was to stop then the modern civilization would simply collapse as it’s fully  dependent.

  1.    Gas Transportation network is vast

The fact that gas production is such vital to the world then it means that its transportation is robust and at the same time extensive. At any given time over 40% of all fleet in the ocean is made up of oil cargoes. This shows that keeping track of oil production and movement is crucial. Greasebook Oilfield Software makes such tasks that much  easier.

  1. Gas Production is safe

Many people think that oil production is not safe and is prone to accidents and a lot of risks. This may be true to some degree but modern technology has significantly improved the safety of gas production. Now it’s much quicker to identify leaks and defect which can lead to fire or loss of life through  accidents.

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