5 Great Mistakes in Healthcare and How to Fix Them

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Becker’s Hospital Review published 5 Great Mistakes in Healthcare by Dr. Ira Williams, author of Find The Black Box.

“The major problems in healthcare are not being recognized in the current, endless healthcare debate” according to Dr. Williams.

Our nation’s healthcare system is broken, and that indisputable acknowledgement is a national disgrace, he said. Furthermore, every governmental and professional entity that has taken part in establishing the current, deplorable state of unorganized dysfunction shares in that enormous blame.

“I’ve outlined 5 great mistakes to merely serve as a device to use in an effort to convey the extent of colossal failure(s) that have accumulated through the years leading to the current social contradiction,” explained Williams.

“The order of presentation is not indicative of their degree of contribution, but the sum of their totality is indicative of the ineptness of those who through the decades have sought to create one of the most important aspects of every civilized nation, while failing to first create a creditable master plan.”

Dr. Williams offers the following considerations as the 5 Great Healthcare Mistakes:

1.    The “system” is not a system

2.    The difference between healthcare and “medical care”

3.    State responsibility for the healthcare delivery system

4.    The hostility between the major healthcare components

5.    The medical profession’s reliance on civil litigation for accountability

“The Solution first involves logic, and second it requires the major healthcare components to respectfully collaborate in order to finally, and for the first time, begin to create a healthcare delivery system worthy of that name.” according to Dr. Williams.

Dr. Williams continues his series of Open Letters on his web site with an expansion of the numbered items in the Becker’s article.

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