5 Reasons to Invest In Real Estate in Mykonos

Mykonos is part of the Cyclades Islands, a bohemian Mediterranean Resort that is located in the Aegean Sea. Over time, the location has become relevant given its pristine landscape and fashionable lifestyle. It has numerous incentives that all spring from the attraction of financially well-off individuals who, in turn, develop the area with regards to business, real estate investments, and entertainment. There are a number of conditions that make Mykonos Real estate suitable for  investment.

1) Overseas Property  Destination

Despite Mykonos having a jet-set appeal that dates back to the days when Ari Onassis, a well-known billionaire, had property there, it also did very well in the economic crisis that hit Greece. Instead of the economic status of the place declining, it took a turn. The prices of the real estate properties dropped, but the sales did not stop. The vacation homes greatly declined in prices, ranging from half to a million Euros. This development attracted people from Germany, Britain, and Italy. The investors boosted the economy and created a luxurious ambiance that attracted more  people.

2) Good  Climate

Mykonos is an Island that has more than 300 days of sunshine, which makes it a typical Mediterranean climate. The rains are rare and secluded to early spring or very late in the winter. The same goes for precipitation. During winter, the average temperature is + 16°C and + 28°C during summer. A distinguishing factor about the climate here are the two types of winds: Meltemi and Sirocco. The latter gives a pleasant cool breeze. The weather is conducive to invest in a holiday  home.

3) Nightlife

Mykonos is legendary for its nightlife. It is as popular as Las Vegas but with a better climate. The entertainment in Mykonos is beyond wild. There is a lineup of activities that starts off with relaxation in the bars that are quite trendy. Then, there is the luxury of walking on the cobbled streets. Other options include dining over a variety of Greek food, diving, and accessing assorted drinks at the Bohemian nightclubs. The place is also known for being free of prejudice, and the people are  friendly.

4) Beaches

Beaches always offer an opportunity for holiday investments, and Mykonos has a long stretch that is along the Greek coast. It has among the best beaches, given that the ones located in the South of the area are sheltered from the wind. The beaches are customized to suit the needs and preferences of different people. More so, they are quiet, thus, creating a favorable environment for families and people who are looking for peace and quiet. Sports of different varieties are also available, and a nude beach is  included.

5) Low Prices With A Potential For  Growth

Mykonos is not only an opportune place to buy a holiday home but can also serve as an investment. It is ranked among the areas that have the highest potential to grow over time. At the moment, it is among the places that property sells at the lowest prices but at a rate that it is proving promising. The resell value in the near future is bound to be double or even triple what it is today. With the property prices below the numbers feared by most investors, real estate market is just but beginning to  bud.

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