5 Sights That You Must See in Singapore

If you’re interested in visiting one of the most urbanized, high-tech countries in the entire world, look no further than Singapore. Whether it’s the authentic street food, the beautiful skyline views, or super-techy green life, Singapore has it all. 

With limited time and so many places to see, it can be difficult for travelers to prioritize the places to go in Singapore. 

No need to stress! To help you better prioritize your visit, I’ve compiled the 5 sights that you must see in Singapore to make your trip unforgettable.

#5 Singapore Zoo 

Hosting over 2,800 animals and 300 different species, the Singapore Zoo is something you won’t want to miss.

One of the most ethical and sustainable zoos in the world, you’ll get an opportunity to see orangutans, pandas, lions, pygmy hippos, elephants, and rhinos, and many many more!

The Singapore Zoo is a huge complex that consists of four park options, including the Singapore Zoo (the main attraction), the Jurong Birds Park, the Night Safari, and the River Safari. Visit all four if you have time!

#4 Gardens by the Bay

Gardens of the Bay is a massive artificial nature park composed of three unique must-see attractions. Originally designed to improve the quality of life for the locals, it’s now a popular tourist spot. 

One of the three main sites is the Flower Dome, one of the largest greenhouses in the world. Listed in the Guinness Book of Records, it encompasses approximately 3 acres!

There is also the Cloud Forest, which houses a huge array of greenery and some very impressive plant species. 

Then there is the Supertree Grove, consisting of artificially laid trees powered by solar energy. The trees illuminate beautiful, bright colors that are best seen during the Supertree Grove light show. 

#3 Haw Par Villa 

If “weird” is ever a word you use to describe yourself, then you might be just the type of person for Har Par Villa. The park depicts Chinese folklore with over 1,000 eccentric statues where you can learn about Chinese culture, tradition, and belief.

One of the major attractions of Har Par Villa is the “10 Courts of Hell” which represents different punishments thought to exist in hell. While a bit disturbing, it’s definitely very intriguing and worth checking out. 

#2 Sentosa Island 

During your trip, you may also find yourself wanting to sit back and relax. If relaxation is more your style, one of the best of the places to go in Singapore is Sentosa Island.

Sentosa Island is an island resort offering a wide array of different attractions, including the lovely butterfly park Sentosa which features a huge array of butterflies and exotic insects. 

There are also restaurants, extravagant golf courses, a theme park, and a relaxing beach for you to catch some sunshine and put your feet up. 

#1 Singapore Skyline: The Final Must See in Singapore  

One of the most spectacular and impressive sights the city has to offer and one you certainly wouldn’t want to miss is the Singapore Skyline. 

The skyline is exceptionally beautiful at night and can be best viewed from the Singapore River or Marina Bay. If you go to Marina Bay, make sure to go at night and catch the light show which of choreographed singing fountains.

You’ll want to have your camera ready for this picturesque view as it’s not really possible to take a bad photo here. 

Booked Your Ticket?

So, if you’re wondering what you must see in Singapore, this list has you covered. Singapore is one of the most magnificent countries in the world, offering spectacular sights and cultures that you don’t want to miss.  

Trust me, if you’ve officially chosen Singapore as your next travel destination, you won’t be disappointed. So, don’t wait any longer. Book that flight!

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