5 Tech Tools and Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Rely on in 2016


The terms entrepreneur and technology seem to go hand-in-hand, and that’s for good reason. Many entrepreneurs are not only part of the tech industry, but they also rely heavily on the newest offerings to make sure their businesses are running productively and  efficiently.

Today’s crop of business-related technology tools and platforms can help busy business owners save time and money, make sure their data and ideas are secure, and assist them while they build their  companies.

Below are five of the must-have tech tools for any entrepreneur right  now:


Trello is a project management and productivity platform that’s a favorite among entrepreneurs and business owners across a variety of industries. Users create boards, which are then populated by cards. Leaders and team members can view these boards and see what needs to be done, and organize projects of any scale. Users can open cards, add their own comments, include attachments, customize checklists, create due dates and more. You can invite all the people you want to a board, and also launch anything from a quick reminder note, to a full-scale  discussion.


WeWork is a New York-based company that brings together technology with something simple: office space. Members can sign up for month-to-month plans that provide them with flexible workspaces. When you use a WeWork shared office space, it includes furnishings, internet, and conference room credits. Users reserve offices in advance, which can range from a dedicated desk to a private office, but they don’t have the overhead costs associated with full-time office space rentals. It’s a bit like the Uber or Airbnb of office spaces, and it’s available in cities throughout the world from Atlanta and New York to Hong Kong and  London.


The old methods of sharing information and data are no longer working for many entrepreneurs. When they’re seeking a system that offers the utmost in organization, security and efficiency, they’re relying on virtual data rooms and document sharing from companies like Firmex. Firmex has provided VDRs and document sharing for companies like Etsy, ComScore, and Deloitte, but it’s scalable to the needs of entrepreneurs and smaller businesses as  well.


TripIt is a travel organization app that offers simplicity for busy business owners. First, users forward their travel confirmation emails, including hotels, flights, car rentals, and even restaurant reservations to TripIt. Their emails are then turned into a master itinerary that’s centralized and organized. Participants can access their itinerary from anywhere, even if they’re offline. TripIt for Teams makes it easy to travel with other people and keep plans in-sync, which allows for an increase in  productivity.


While entrepreneurs are trying to grow their empires, expense management can fall to the wayside, which is where Expensify, an easy expense reporting system, comes into the equation. Expensify streamlines employee reporting of expenditures as well as the approval process. Users can add cash expenses, and automatically import card transactions. There are also features to include mileage and other billable expenses and to code expenses to individual accounts, projects, clients and customized  fields.

The above are five of the most exciting and interesting ways busy entrepreneurs can simplify how they work, and put more of their focus on the areas that matter  most.

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