5 Tips For Finding The Right Wig For You

Finding the right wig is essential since you need to stand out among the crowds. It should suit all your needs and be comfortable as well. There are different kinds of wigs, but it doesn’t mean that you should go for any of them. Some will accentuate your beauty, while others will be a total mess. Here are five tips that you can utilize to pick an ideal wig.


For starters, wigs come with different purchase prices, including the cost of supplies and maintenance. You will need to wash your wig and store it correctly so that it can last. If you want to buy more than one wig, you will spend more money. Therefore, you should budget accordingly before you go shopping for a wig. You need to know that synthetic wigs are less expensive than human hair wigs.

If you are on a tight budget, you can go for a synthetic wig that is easy to maintain. The best part is human hair wigs resemble natural hair since they are soft. However, you will incur expenses when it comes to keeping them. The best part is that if you care for them correctly, they are super durable.


You need to factor in your lifestyle to choose the right wig. For example, how your typical day looks plays a critical role in picking a wig. Some jobs don’t allow you to wear particular wigs due to professionalism. The industry that you work in also matters when buying a wig. If you have a flexible work culture, you can buy any wig that pleases you.

Synthetic wigs can’t withstand hot environments such as the kitchen. If you are in the fashion sphere, you might want to go for the trendy types. People who exercise a lot need well-ventilated wigs to prevent overheating. If you love swimming, opt for a synthetic wig.

Consider the Wig Size

The size of the wig is crucial since it needs to fit your head perfectly. This way, you won’t be uncomfortable and uneasy as well. If the wig is overly loose or tight, it won’t appear beautiful and natural. Thus, you can know your cap size by measuring your head’s circumference. You only need a tape measure to come up with the dimensions.

You need to start measuring from the front of the hairline, wrapping the tape measure behind your ear to your neck’s nape. Repeat the same process twice to ensure that you get accurate readings.

Color Matters

Color is utterly vital when choosing the ideal wig for you. Beginners need to buy a wig that matches their current hairstyle. Plus, your skin tone should go on par with the headpiece that you pick. This way, you will feel confident since the wig will appear natural and aesthetically appealing. The best part is that you can try new colors once you know the wig that suits you.

Pick a shade that blends with your personality as well. You can begin with warm colors then graduate to dramatic ones as time goes. Bear in mind that the wig is meant to make you look better, so you need a complementary one.

Face Shape

Different face shapes go with specific wig styles, texture, and length. For example, long wavy hairstyle, an A-line bob, and shoulder-length flip flatter oval face shapes. You can choose a side wavy pony, long layered hairstyle, and lob with a side part for a round face. If you have a square face, long waves, and a long layered hairstyle with side bangs will suit you.

A long face would look great with long voluminous curls with arched bangs. You can opt for a medium flip out hairstyle and medium bouncy curls with blunt bangs. As for a heart-shaped face, try curly side pony, medium hairstyle with flicks, and curly hairstyle with side bangs. The diamond face will be gorgeous with a layered bob, medium layered hairstyle, and angled pixie.

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