5 Tips on Getting the Best Value Out of Your Video Conferencing Service


Today, the 40-hour week is a past thing, telecommuting is rapidly rising, and communication and flexibility are the two ingredients in the success recipe in a fast-paced, Internet commerce world. More and more companies have realized that the only way to get ahead in the game is by turning to video conferencing as a viable  solution.

Consider this; a Redshift Research global survey reveals that 56 percent of executives prefer video conferencing over emails, voice calls, and conference  calls.

If your firm is looking into the possibility of adding video conferencing to its arsenal, you will find a huge range of companies that you need to sift through. What qualities do you look for before pairing with a video conference partner? Below are some of the basics you should be on the lookout  for.


Easy  Setup

The relationship between your business and your chosen video conferencing services starts from the basics – installation and setup. Is the process fast and streamlined, or do you have to go through nightmare hardware and troubleshooting situations? You require a service that is up and running fast and does not tie you down with lengthy installation  procedures.

Note that you should avoid systems that require MCU or multipoint control unit hardware. Such systems tend to be expensive and buggy, not mentioning they are obsolete considering browser and cloud based conferencing options available today. With fewer hardware requirements, you are able to streamline your startup much  faster.

Scalable Cloud Based  Conferencing

Cloud based conferencing makes all compatibility strides possible and reduces hardware requirements for your new system. Such a video conference service is hosted online and is incredibly easy to setup. Your employees only need to log in, select participants who get an email link, and the video conference session is ready to  start.

Cloud-based video conferencing offers you the following  benefits:

  • You do not require learning or investing in learning how to maintain the system
  • Capability to handle seasonal demands
  • Get faster refresh and update cycles for all users
  • Does not restrict your business from opening a new office or division anywhere in the world
  • Allows you to concentrate on running your business
  • Connect to multiple employees in different geographical locations on multiple devices including PCs, tablets and even dedicated rooms



Wide  Compatibility

Compatibility means going beyond software and delving into hardware. As one of the leaders in the best video conferencing Blue Jeans offers a service that is compatible with your smartphones, tablets, and desktops. With just about any Internet-connected device, your employs can easily and quickly connect to a  call.

Screen  Sharing

Sharing your screen with your employees or clients allows you to review your latest product or service online. With this feature, you can share files and work in a collaborative environment in your business meetings. This is critical when you are working with different teams or getting feedback and suggestions from your client. Ensure that the service you choose has file-sharing capabilities and find out how easy it is to use it. You probably don’t want to deal with helping your client try and upload an important document over video  conference.

This is where cloud-based video conferencing services make things easier to share. All you have to do is upload your documents to the online library, then share it with everyone in your call with a single  click.

Getting Better Quality out of Your Video  Conferencing

Now that you have setup your business video conferencing service, you realize that the video is choppy, there are echoes in the audio, or you can barely hear the other person. Make sure that you inform your service provider of any quality issues you may be having. However, there are a few things that you and your employees can do to improve the quality of the video conference  call.

  • Wear headphones: When echoes occur in the audio, one of the other parties has his or her speaker too loud. One way to correct this is by wearing headphones, earbuds are also a nice alternative since they do not distort your face. This depends on the other party, if they hear an echo, you need to wear headphones and vice versa.
  • Get a stationary background: If you or one of your employees is having the video conference in a busy coffee shop or while the family is watching TV behind them, move elsewhere with less movement. More motion in your shot requires the video conferencing system to work harder and the choppier the video becomes.
  • Adjust light: This is a small tweak that can make a world of difference. Always make sure you have a light behind the camera and pointing towards, and that you do not have too much light behind you. Always make sure that the camera is at eye level. Better lighting means a world of difference between talking to a real person are a silhouette.


Telecommuting and international business are becoming more common today for every business type. With the right video conferencing service, you will be able to talk to your remote workers, drastically reduce travel expenses and connect with clients on the other side of the planet. The right solution, is the key to the future of communication and  commerce.

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