5 Tips To Getting Into The House Flipping Business

House flipping can be described as you’re, an investor in real estate buying homes, repairing them if need be, and then reselling them at a higher value to make a profit. The house flipping business is lucrative. Interested in joining the house flipping business? Here are 5 tips on how you can get into  it:

  1.    Develop A Business  Plan

To venture well into the house flipping business, you’ll need to develop a business plan with properly defined goals and well laid out strategies that will be a roadmap of how you will run the business. A well laid out house flipping business plan will attract lenders your  way.

A business plan will also help you understand the risks involved in the business and will help you come up with a proper risk management system to shield you from incurring losses. Your business plan should have a business bio, goal summary, lead generation plan, market analysis, financing sources, marketing, and sales  plan.

  1.    Partner With The Right Professionals To Work  With

The house flipping business is complex and you may not be familiar with everything surrounding it. This is why you will need to partner with the right professionals to help you out in areas that you are less  knowledgeable.

Some of the professionals you may need are an attorney to help you write up contracts, and advice you on legal matters of the business. You will also need an accountant to help you with the business structure set up, filing taxes, and tracking your expenses. You may also need a realtor to help you with the market analysis of the area in which you are flipping  houses.

  1.    You Will Need To Establish Business  Operations

To properly get into the house flipping business, you will need to establish your business operations. You’ll need to determine whether your flipping business will be an LLC or a DBA after which you’ll need to have your business registered with the IRS and get an Employment Identification Number EIN. You’ll also have to get all the permits and licenses needed. Many states require you to be licensed in order to buy and sell real estate. You can find information online about Washington state real estate licensing and be well on your  way.

You will need to set up a business bank account. A bookkeeping software can also come in handy to track your financial transactions. You can print some business cards and build a website to make your business  visible.

  1.    Get  Financing

To get into the house flipping business, you will need to get financing. You can access hard money loans which are approved faster compared to traditional mortgages. The qualifications for getting this loan are not too rough and the loan terms are for short periods. You can find these loans  online.

Another form of financing is rehab loans which include equity lines for your current home. You can use this loan to fix another home project. You can also get investment group loans if you are part of an investment group. Whichever means you use, ensure that you get good financing for your house flipping  business.

  1.    Get Properties To Fix And  Flip

You can’t get into the house flipping business if you don’t have properties to flip. You’ll need to find the right properties, fix them and flip them. To do this, choose a good neighborhood that is near public amenities that will attract buyers. Ensure the homes don’t have major structural issues. Invest in the right properties that will earn you good  profit.


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