5 Tips to Relieve Stress: Improve Your Mindset and Health

The current COVID-19 pandemic has not only created a physical health crisis, but also a mental health crisis. Stress, anxiety, and depression has affected millions around the world. This 

Practice Spiritual Techniques

If you just feel angry at the world or your life lacks meaning, you might want to practice spiritual techniques. Being more spiritual can make you feel safer and less alone in the cruel world. Additionally, you may gain a more positive mindset and maybe even a sense of purpose. Meditation and yoga are spiritual techniques with amazing health benefits. For instance, the benefits of yoga include higher energy, increased flexibility, improved respiration and more muscle strength. Meditation can help you focus better, gain inner depth and accept the things you can’t change. Besides this, you can do breathing exercises at home or almost anywhere you may be.

Cope with Substance Abuse Issues

Especially in the dark times of COVID-19, you might find yourself turning to drugs or alcohol to relieve stress. This time can fuel substance abuse issues, and lead to an addiction crisis. Instead, find positive ways to cope with any issues you may have. For one, a trusted therapist can give you simple steps to take to improve your life. Further, when you feel negative, you can do something positive. This may be volunteering, doing some art, reading a favorite book or something else you genuinely enjoy. You can also take a class online or in your area. Doing a hobby can be meaningful and rewarding. Hobbies you might enjoy are knitting, cooking, journaling or woodworking, among others.

Do a Creative Activity

Creativity can help you use your imagination to escape reality, and let your feelings out in a healthy manner. You can also use it to ease anxiety, boost brain function, be more positive and increase immune health. Creative activities include coloring in a coloring book, listening to music, painting, playing a musical instrument and others. Forget about your problems for a while, and pick up a paintbrush to create something artistic. You can do a creative activity you’re passionate about, or try something new. Your creation doesn’t have to be perfect. The point us to have fun with art, and focus on doing a positive activity.

Get Some Exercise

Exercise not only relieves stress, but it can give you energy as well. You can do some gardening, go for a walk, walk your dog or do household chores. Vigorous exercises you can try are swimming, running, jumping rope or jumping jacks. Try working out in nature to breathe fresh air and view the scenery. For example, ride a bike, hike a mountain trail or do yoga poses. Exercising in the morning can motivate you to start your day off right with a positive mindset. You can avoid high stress situations by focusing on having a healthier body. Loving yourself makes it easier to care about others.

Socialize More Often

Although you might be forced to stay away from people because of COVID-19, you can still socialize. For instance, communicate through social media, apps or play a game together with your devices. You can also talk on the phone, text or write snail mail letters. Most importantly, have fun socializing, and forget about your worries. Hearing from family or friends at the worst of times can boost your mood, and make you feel less alone. Let them know how much you care about their health and well-being without expecting too much in return. At the same time, socialize with people who genuinely care about you as a person.

With some effort, you have the power to control stress. Allowing it to ruin your days isn’t necessary if you educate yourself. Take charge of your life for a better future. Have a positive mindset, and never let stress control you.

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