5 Ways to Significantly Reduce Your Risk of Car Accidents

With over 280 million vehicles in operation on today’s roads, the chances of a motoring accident are high. Statistics show there were 12 million vehicles involved in an accident in the US in 2018, and while we don’t have accident figures for the years that followed, you can expect a similar rate. 

What does this mean for you? Safer driving, of course. Road accidents are a leading cause of fatality, and life-changing injuries are also common. Some cars become write-offs after an accident, and others require services from an auto body repair shop to return them to a pre-accident shape. 

To significantly reduce your risk of a car accident in 2021, focus on the following. 

#1: Stick to the speed limit

Speed limits are there for a reason, so don’t be tempted to break them. Not only will you face a hefty fine if you do, but you will also increase your chances of an accident. The faster you drive, the longer it will take you to slow down. This is problematic when you see an approaching bend or when a car brakes suddenly in front of you. 

#2: Don’t drive under the influence

Drugs and alcohol can impair your ability to function as a driver, so don’t risk it. When it comes to alcohol, it is illegal to drive with a blood concentration level of 0.08% (which could be the equivalent of two drinks). 

When talking about drugs, some medications can be included as well as anything that could be considered illegal. So if you feel drowsy, don’t get in your car. Call for an Uber instead or take another type of public transport if you have taken something that could impact your driving. 

#3: Get on top of your road rage

Not every person drives sensibly and there are some that could cause you to get angry. If they suddenly pull out in front of you, or if they do anything else that causes you rage, it can be tempted to want to show them. You might raise your fists, honk your horn, or drive aggressively against them. 

Any such action could instigate a road war between you and the other driver, or your behavior could result in distracted driving and result in an accident. Stay calm at the moment and pull over if you need to cool off, and remember the consequences of road rage. 

#4: Service your car

It is recommended to get your car serviced every year, so do so, even if you suspect nothing is wrong. There could be hidden faults and these could result in an accident on the road. Be sure to take your car to the nearest mechanic if a dashboard light or noise indicates that something is wrong as well. The temporary hassle and expensive of a check up is a lot less than it might be if you let it become a serious problem. Despite the expense, it is better to be safe than sorry.

#5: Put your phone down

It is illegal to pick up your phone in your car while it is moving, so don’t be tempted to check a text or make a call. You will become distracted if you do and an accident could happen. Some states will allow for hands-free calls, so check the laws in your area. If you’re cleared to do so, set up the bluetooth connectivity and install a dashboard phone holder to have calls safely.

Follow these safety measures and you will reduce the risk of a car accident this year. Be mindful and think about your own safety and the safety of others.

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