50 Top Franchises for Veterans

By US Daily Review Staff.

The World Franchising Network has compiled and published its third annual list of the “50 Top Franchises for Veterans.” The results were featured in the June 15, 2012 issue of USA TODAY in the Franchising Today section. Click here for a copy of the article with the list of the 50 Top Franchises. Click here for a listing of the 50 companies only. Top 50 lists from prior years can be found by clicking here.

The World Franchising Network selected 50 franchisors from over 400 companies requesting evaluation for inclusion in the article. There was no cost to participate in the survey. Each participating franchisor was required to submit a completed questionnaire. The questionnaire noted both the absolute number of and the percentage of the total number of operating units owned by veterans, as well as the number of veterans in senior management that earned over $60,000 per year. (For a copy of the questionnaire, click here.)

“The steady increase in veteran representation within the overall franchising community over the last several years has been extremely encouraging,” stated Rob Bond, founder of the World Franchising Network. “It certainly is clear evidence of the intrinsic values, invaluable experience learned through life’s lessons and the exceptional work ethic of our military veterans. Hopefully, this trend will continue so that these fine young men and women can test their skills in franchising.”

For a more complete list of franchise programs that wish to increase their veteran representation, please go to www.Franchises4Vets.com , which also includes resources that are essential to the evaluation process. The site serves as an effective and cost-efficient tool for franchisors to increase veteran representation within their systems.

The World Franchising Network, which manages the www.Franchises4Vets.com website, also has four annual publications on franchising and 12 other websites focusing solely on franchising. To learn more about the World Franchising Network, please click here for our 2012 Media Brochure.

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