6 Benefits of Starting Kickboxing to Exercise

You don’t have to be ripped or be the next Lennox Lewis to take up kickboxing. No matter your level of athletic prowess, you can take up this powerful sport. There are also plenty of health benefits to taking up kickboxing, from improved mental health to better sleep to weight loss. Read on to learn six of the main benefits that you can get from kickboxing.

Weight Loss

If you have a desire to shed a few pounds, kickboxing can help you do that. Studies even show that serious kickboxers of all levels have both lower levels of body fat and higher levels of muscle mass than those who participated in other sports. Someone who weighs about 155 pounds can burn almost 400 calories from 30 minutes of kickboxing.

Cardiovascular Health

Heart disease operates as one of the biggest killers of both men and women in the Western world. Any sport that increases your endurance and helps your heart become more healthy can give you valuable benefits. Kickboxing acts as one of those sports. One study that researchers did in 2014 found that kickboxing three times a week for one hour periods increased what is known as maximum oxygen uptake. This is important because this determines your heart’s endurance levels. When your cardiovascular endurance is high, your body can use oxygen more effectively.

Increased Confidence

Many studies have shown that exercise increases self-esteem in those that do it regularly. One study even shows that martial arts training has a marked effect on the confidence levels of youths in its training programs. So if you sign up for that kickboxing class, you can not only look and feel great. You can also feel better about the fact that you’re taking care of the one body you have.

Mental Wellness

In a few studies, kickboxing and other martial arts have gotten linked to increased mental health. That’s because kickboxing involves both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Both of these types of physical movement can positively impact mood. This happens because endorphins change the brain in a way that improves your levels of stress and anxiety.

Improved Sleep

When you go to your kickboxing class or move along to a kickboxing video, you might find that it’s easier to get to sleep later that night. Kickboxing can even help some people who have documented sleep disorders. Plenty of studies show that exercising regularly helps you sleep better and longer.

More Fun

Some people love nothing more than to crank out a sweat session at the gym. While you may not be the type to sit on the couch all day and eat Cheetos, you may balk at the idea of buying an expensive gym membership. All you need is one form of exercise that you find fun. Once this happens, showing up again and again for a class or for that online instructor becomes a lot easier.

Life is short. It’s too short to spend time sweating and grunting on gym equipment that you don’t enjoy using. With kickboxing classes, there is music, fun classmates, and a nice instructor to help you with the moves if you’re new. While starting anything for the first time can be intimidating, the benefits that you can gain from kickboxing can far outweigh the fear you may initially feel.

You can get plenty of benefits from starting kickboxing. But the keyword in the previous sentence is “starting”. Join a class. Find free videos online. Do what you can to see if this popular, sweaty, but fun sport is for you. It’s not until you start that you can really feel the benefits of this great physical activity.

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