6 Facts About Dentists

We all know that it’s important to visit the dentist twice per year for dental exams that prevent oral health disease and tooth decay. But, most of us know very little about the dentist. That all changes today, as we’re here to provide six tidbits of dentist information that you can use! Are you ready to up your dental knowledge?

1- The Importance of a Dental Exam

The American Dental Association recommends that babies one-year-old – adults visit the general dentist twice per year for a dental exam and tooth cleaning. This exam finds any abnormalities in the patient’s oral health before it causes major health problems. Dental cleanings whiten and brighten the patient’s smile. Individuals who visit the dentist twice per year per ADA guidelines face nearly half the risk of developing gingivitis, gum disease, and tooth decay compared to those who do not visit the dentist.

2- A Cosmetic Dental Loves Your Smile

You’ll visit the general dentist twice per year. He is the professional who cares for your oral health. The cosmetic dentist is a professional who cares for the appearance of your smile. A visit to the cosmetic dentist is needed only if and when imperfections cause dismay with your smile. This dentist offers a plethora of services that correct problems including teeth whitening, veneers, dental bonding, dentures, dental implants, and many others. Most dental insurance does not cover the costs of cosmetic procedures since they’re not considered medically necessary. Dentists do offer financing options and payment plans to ease the burden of costs, however.

3- Toothy Information

The human mouth has 32 teeth while dogs have 42 teeth and cats 30. Every animal has a different set of teeth in its mouth. But, did you know that a snail has as many as 25,000 teeth in its mouth? Yes, the tiny, teeny-tiny critter has a mouthful of teeth! Don’t worry, however, since the critter usually doesn’t bite humans and feels more like a tickle if it did decide to bite.

4- Different Types of Dentists

The general dentist and cosmetic dentists, as mentioned above, are the two most common dentists in America, but many other specialists help care for a person’s oral health. An orthodontist, for example, is a specialist who patients visit when alignment issues occur and they need services such as dental braces. A periodontist is a dentist who specializes in the treatment of gum issues and diseases. Around 65 million Americans suffer from some type of periodontal disease.

5- A Lot of Dentists

Approximately 200,000 dentists practice dental medicine in various locations across the U.S. This equals about 60 dentists for every 100,000 people. Hawaii, Connecticut, and New York are the three states with the most dentists per capita. Although thousands of dentists retire every year, an average of 600 more dentists open practices than those who retire each year. Don’t worry about a shortage of dentists any time in the near future.

6- Training for Dentistry

A dentist spends a total of eight years of training to earn a Bachelor’s degree. A cosmetic dentist must first work as a general dentist and then return to school for further education to earn cosmetic dentistry certification. This same rule applies to any dental professional who specializes in a specific area of treatment. Dentists earn an annual salary of about $146,970 per year.

Dentists protect our teeth, mouth, and oral health, although they don’t get nearly enough credit for the work they perform. Although the information here may not change your life, it is interesting to know a little bit more about the person who you trust with your smile. There’s certainly plenty more facts about dentists out there that might interest you. Allow this starts an interest in dentists and protecting your oral health.

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