6 Tips for Caring for Your Wedding Dress After the Big Day

One of the most memorable elements of your incredible wedding day is your dress. It can take months of searching for the right dress, with hours of trying on options until you find The Dress. Once your big day has passed, it’s important to carefully preserve and care for your wedding dress, as it will serve as a wonderful memento for years to come. Here are a few tips that will help ensure that your dress is well cared for.

  1. Cleaning

The most important aspect of caring for your dress is making sure it is properly cleaned before storage. Many wedding boutiques offer a cleaning service to professionally clean your dress after the wedding. At the very least, you want to have your dress dry cleaned as soon as possible. Getting your dress to the cleaners would be an excellent task for a Maid of Honor or Mother of the Bride to handle while you are on your honeymoon. Washing your dress at home may result in harsh detergents being used, delicate details being broken, or stains not being lifted adequately. Stains that may be hardly noticeable at first can darken over time, leading to glaring discolorations.

  1. To Hang or Not To Hang

If your dress is particularly heavy or if you have a long train, you may want to consider storing your dress flat. Even if your dress will do well on a hanger, take care to hang by the maker provided straps, not by delicate shoulder seams. Choose a padded hanger over a wire option to ensure that the hanger does not leave marks.

  1. Storage Containers

It can seem simple to leave your dress zipped up in a plastic garment bag. However, over time the plastic can emit fumes that result in the yellowing of your precious dress. Many wedding boutiques will be able to source airtight preservation boxes for you. One option is to have the oxygen removed and replaced with nitrogen, which prevents damaging oxidation from affecting your gown.

  1. Storage Temperature

Finding adequate storage space for an elaborate wedding gown can be tough. When scoping locations in your home, look for an area that is not prone to radical temperature changes. An attic or a garage can have wild temperature changes depending on the season, and that could spell disaster when storing your dress.

  1. Storage Environment

Another consideration for where to store your dress is the overall environment. You do not want your dress in an area with high humidity. Mildew and mold can destroy your wonderful gown quickly, so be sure to keep your dress someplace that is dry an unlikely to be exposed to water.

  1. Checking For Damage

There is a delicate balance between checking on your dress too often and not enough. While you want to be sure to catch any developing damage, repeated handling of your dress can cause its own problems. Make a reminder for yourself to inspect your wedding dress on your anniversary each year, taking care to re-store it as carefully as you did at the beginning.

Your wedding dress should serve as a beautiful reminder of the beginning of your marriage. By properly following these care tips, your dress should stay in excellent condition for many years. 

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