6 Tips for Refinishing Your Car

Having a car is every owner’s pride, and knowing just how to refinish it would give it a glamorous look on it that any owner would desire. From the bodywork to the tires and on the interior, the refinish on the paint gives your car the shiny, complete look it deserves. 

Ensure your car is always clean

One of the most basic ways to keep your paint job clean is by simply ensuring your vehicle is still clean. It may sound fundamental, but it is an essential way to add to a beautiful refinishing  to your car. This is because your car is always exposed to dirt and unhealthy particles like bird droppings that might be destructive on your car’s paint. Therefore, cleaning your car ensures the slime is always kept at bay and still preserves the look of your fresh paint job on your car.

How you clean your car

The norm of using circular motions with a cloth to clean your car can create swirl marks on your car from the particles present on the piece of fabric. It is therefore essential to know what cleaning items and agents are right for your car and are not destructive to the paint. Cheap sponges and clothes are not advised to be cleaning tools as they can destroy our paint. Microfiber cloths are the best option as they clean and protect your car’s paint. Also, detergents and water soaps are not advised as they contain chemicals that may destroy your paint.

Provide physical protection

Once you are done with a perfect paint refinishing job on your car, you want to make sure to keep it looking nice even on the road. It is therefore essential to be careful on the road while driving your vehicle. Twigs, rocks and other slime substances can  bring about scratches and dings that scrub off or peel off your car’s paint. 

Maintaining your car’s beautiful paint job

You can use conditioners, wax, and clay to keep your car’s paint job looking like new and preserves the car’s shine. These items should be non-abrasive, and if used correctly, can get rid of stubborn grime that cannot be easily removed by regular cleaning. 

Personal care of your car

For many car owners, using a car wash is normal. However it is not recommended. A car wash could be destructive to your paint job, so it is recommended that you do it yourself. Car washing machines might use machines or cleaning agents that are not good for your car’s paint.

Dealing with scratches

Scratches can be a nuisance and unfortunately can happen on the road or when parked at any time. So it is important to know how to deal with them. You can treat some scratches with tiny spray guns and spray pens to retouch the paint. Some scratches might be too severe and could require the consultation of a professional. It is important to fix scratches as possible to avoid any further damage. 

Refinishing your car can leave your car looking brand new. If done correctly, the results can be long lasting. 

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