7 Steps to Financial Freedom

By Crown Financial Ministries, Special for  USDR

“At Crown, we believe that if we only help people get out of debt and on a budget, we have failed. We are about seeing God transform lives along with your finances.” Chuck Bentley, CEO of Crown Financial  Ministries.

Budgeting and saving can be a challenge. It is made more challenging as we are bombarded daily with thousands of advertisements and companies competing for the opportunity to help us manage our money – lend us quick cash – or sell us the latest thing that is bigger, better, faster, newer. But who can you trust? What constitutes a wise decision that will not lead you down the path of financial  heartache?

In a culture of uncertainty and a non-stop stream of media impressions, we need a clear, biblical perspective for our  finances.

As Christians, our way of managing money should look significantly different than the rest of the world’s. Applying biblical principles to our financial management plan may seem impossible today. Even if it was possible, where would you start? What does being a “steward” even mean, and why is it so important? Can we ever overcome the stress of our finances and find  freedom?

It is possible, and that is why Crown created the Money Map. This simple, proven-successful tool has been used by over one million people! Now with an updated design and helpful layout, it’s works even better to help you identify your current financial standing and walk you through a step-by-step process  to:

  • Save
  • Get out of debt
  • Give regularly
  • Create a budget
  • Plan for retirement
  • Build your legacy

You can download the Money Map for FREE and get started right now! 

Each element of the freshly designed Money Map is centered on biblical truths and practical principles that you can implement to become an even more responsible manager of what God has entrusted to  you.

As you reach each of the 7 destinations on the Money Map, we encourage you to celebrate your accomplishments with a planned reward – because making financial progress is a big deal and what is rewarded is  repeated!

We want to celebrate with you, so as you make progress, let us know by using the hashtag #MoneyMapCelebrate on Facebook and Twitter. We are all journeying with  you!

When you join over 1 million people already on the journey to financial freedom, you will also find encouragement for every step of progress, and a library of helpful tools and resources to make it all a little  easier.

In the words of Crown’s late founder, Larry Burkett, “Until you acknowledge God’s total ownership, you can’t experience His direction in financial management. When you make that switch to being a manager and not an owner, you have taken the first step towards financial wisdom.” This is stewardship. Trusting that God owns all we have and that we have been entrusted by Him to manage those resources  responsibly.

Take the first step towards financial freedom and download the Money Map  today.

Crown Financial Ministries is the largest non-profit Christian financial ministry in the world, founded by Larry Burkett in 1976. CEO Chuck Bentley is a well-known author, speaker, and daily radio program host. Crown exists to help people discover and live by God’s design for their work, finances, and  life. 

SOURCE Crown Financial  Ministries

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