7 Tips for Improving Your Vocal Performance

As a singer, you want to take any step you can to improve your vocal performance. Whenever you perform with others, you want to be in sync with the additional voices rather than ruining the musical selection. Also, while you perform alone, you want to ensure that you are highlighting your voice in the best way. Those moments can open doors to greater opportunities in your singing career.

Stay Hydrated

If you have ever felt extremely thirsty, you know how hard it is to speak or hold a conversation until you have something to drink. The reason this happens is that your vocal cords require moisture to move properly. You can’t do this by putting fluids directly on the cords but must drink enough fluids to keep your entire body hydrated. For this, water is a great choice, along with herbal teas and foods like melons, cucumbers, and grapes.

Take a Break

After a couple of hours of reading, you can tell that your eyes are tired and need a break. You may also notice this in your legs after walking a long distance. With your vocal cords, the same thing can happen. If you have spent the day talking and singing, your voice will need rest at some point. To do this, take moments of silence throughout the day so your voice can rest and heal.

Consume Less Alcohol

The next morning that follows a night of drinking, you can feel dry and a bit bloated. This is because alcohol can cause dehydration and inflammation within the body. With less moisture, your vocal cords can struggle to move correctly and may even incur damage. When having a fun night with friends, consider having fewer drinks than what you would normally have. Also, drink water to take care of your voice and body.

Get Fresh Air

You may have watched a glamorous movie scene where the star sings beautifully in a crowded, smoky room. It can look sensational on tv but can be quite harmful in real life. Cigarette smoke can irritate or damage your vocal cords and put you at higher risk for cancer. These possibilities exist whether you are smoking or inhaling someone else’s smoke. Try to give yourself more chances to breathe fresh air by practicing and performing in smoke-free areas.


Warming up your body is a method of increasing the blood flow and preparing it to do something strenuous. By equipping your voice before using it, you give yourself a better chance to perform well and lessen the chance for injury. Getting started with this can happen with simple facial stretches like blowing air through your lips and extending your tongue. From there, you can sigh, hum, buzz, and trill until you are ready to start singing.

Cool Down

If you are in the middle of a work-out at the gym, you wouldn’t want someone to stop you in the middle of it to do something else. Instead, you want a chance to finish and relax before shifting gears. This is what a cool down can do for your voice. While a warm-up revs the body up for a vocal exercise, a cool-down will bring it back to a normal state. From there, it is better prepared for normal talking again.

Use a Humidifier

When singing in the shower, you can think that you are singing better than ever, and you may be right. For the majority of people, you are more likely to sing on pitch in a humid environment. This is because the moisture in the air increases the elasticity of the vocal cords, which prevents hoarseness and loss of voice.

Overall, just by taking steps to preserve your overall health, you may also see improvement in your vocal performance. A healthy body can lead to a healthier voice.

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