7 Ways You Can Improve Your Writing Skills

Want to speak and write correctly? Or just want to get better grades for your writing assignments in college? There are no difficulties in navigating the rules of writing, especially if you are a student  yet.

As usual, you have several options to choose from – whether to apply for a professional assistance from the experienced essay writing helper online or to try to improve your knowledge of writing by yourself. No matter what you choose, you can always become better at writing essays and articles. How? Let’s have a  look.

Improving Your Writing Skills  Fast

First of all, don’t focus on one thing only when improving your writing skills. It requires a complex approach. Don’t focus on words, punctuation, or storytelling only. You have to look at your essay as a whole to be able to improve it in  general.


The skill of composing well is about the skill of showing instead of telling. If you can show something with your words, then you’re a good writer. If you tell it, then your writing skills need improvements. Especially this concerns college essays, where you have to describe something or to persuade someone. So, here are a couple of tips, which you can start using right now to improve your ability to show something using the words only. As long as you put them into practice, they are going to transform your writing  techniques.

  • Avoid simple statements. Want to impress the reader with something very simple? Then, write it in a more complicated way. Avoid statements that don’t really add any sort of a description to what you’re writing about. Use epithets, so the reader can paint the picture of what is going on. Instead of just telling that someone is happy, describe the emotions of happiness. So, describe instead of telling  only.
  • Write more. Writing on a daily basis helps a lot. If you have a big assignment, don’t rush with it. Take time, divide it into several parts, and work on each part every day. Create a blog and write there about something that interests you – food, clothes, animals, makeup, baseball, etc. Practicing writing on a daily basis makes a huge  difference.
  • Work on grammar. The level of grammar knowledge you have is extremely important. If you write well, but you have a poor grammar level, your work automatically becomes bad. To improve it, use online resources, which analyze the text you write and find grammar mistakes for you. Then, analyze those mistakes and decide how they can be improved or avoided. Thus, looking for grammar mistakes won’t be such a  pain.
  • It is impossible to write well if you have a poor vocabulary. A limited number of words in your head prevents you from becoming not only a good but also an interesting writer. You need to increase your vocabulary level in order to successfully express your ideas on paper. How to achieve this? Read more. It doesn’t matter whether it is a scientific book or something by Mark Twain or Ray Bradbury. Just read more whatever author you like on a daily basis. This is the easiest and the most pleasant way to build a good vocabulary. Or you can watch educational videos on YouTube or educational TV channels, which are specifically created for younger and older  students.
  • Edit a lot. Proofreading and editing help a lot in terms of improving your writing skills. Don’t skip the step of proofreading and revising your paper for a couple of times. Offer your friend to proofread his or her work as well. Ask them to proofread your own work. Share your suggestions about the paper of each  other.
  • Create a table of your most common errors. Creating a list of how to write and not to write something helps a lot. So, create a table or a set of cards with the most common errors you make in the essays and papers. Write down an error and the correct variant. Print out this table or cards and place them somewhere on your desk to look through every day. Eventually, your brain will remember the correct variant of writing this or that sentence, word, or  phrase.
  • Write a very strong introduction. If you only start improving your writing skill, but already need to compose a great essay, focus on the introduction. The introductory part is what gives the main impression of your whole writing. So, make sure it is written in the way to grab the reader’s attention  immediately.

These are some of the ridiculously simple but effective ways of improving your writing skills in college. Put them into practice to see what exactly is going to work for you best. Give it a shot and you’ll see a huge difference in the quality of your essays and research  papers.

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