8 Surprising Cloud Computing Benefits Businesses are Adopting and Why

Small businesses are taking advantage of cloud computing to improve communications and productivity. Discover 8 important cloud computing benefits now.

What is cloud computing? You have probably heard about cloud computing, but do you really understand it?

Cloud computing is a revolutionary way of running computer programs and applications without depending on a local server. Unlike in the past, you can now run your businesses’ applications via the internet and share processing resources using cloud computing. You no longer have to download software into a physical computer or server to use it.

There are many cloud computing benefits, especially for businesses. It’s an excellent platform to help your company run more effectively and efficiently.

If you haven’t switched your operations to the cloud, yet, consider the following incredible advantages of cloud computing for small business:

  1. Requires Low Upfront and Operational Costs

One of the primary cloud computing benefits is that it enables small businesses to make huge cost savings. Buying software and programs to install in physical computers can be quite expensive. Their upfront costs and licenses can run into thousands of dollars.

Plus, buying physical servers, hiring IT support to operate them, and paying huge energy bills to keep them can be costly. With cloud computing, you can leverage internet-based resources from a provider to avoid hefty upfront expenses on computer hardware and software.

Cloud computing allows you to pay an affordable, flat-rate monthly fee for services. It gives your business access to high-end software and other resources used by established competitors. Most likely, your business can’t afford such software on its own.

  1. Gives You Massive Scaling Ability

As a growing business, scalability is crucial in all areas. You need to be able to increase or reduce your operations depending on demand and seasons. Cloud-based services offer great flexibility to help you adjust to these fluctuations.

For example, if you have an online store, an upsurge in demand for your products could lead to server overload. This could deny customers access to your site when they need it most. With cloud computing, you have more server resources to support the overload.

  1. Guarantees You Safety and Security

Most businesses worry about their data’s security when they consider cloud services. They worry about giving up control of their sensitive information to third parties.

Although switching to cloud-based services means another company will be looking at your company’s data; in most cases, the data is more secure in their hands. Reputable cloud service providers like Amazon and Google invest billions of dollars for cloud security.

Your business is less likely to suffer a data breach when using cloud computing. You can learn more about the importance of cloud computing’s security for small business at the NEDAS symposium in Boston this July.

  1. Allows You To Enjoy Automated System Management

Many small businesses collapse because of data breaches by cybercriminals. This often happens because they’re not well staffed to ensure their software programs are updated regularly.

If your business doesn’t have the money to afford reliable in-house IT technicians, consider cloud computing services. Cloud computing providers do all the system management work for you. They check for software and security updates, install them, and determine their compatibility with your operating system.

The cloud also allows your data to back-up in real-time. This provides enhanced data security for your business. Disaster recovery is also taken care of for you.

  1. Facilitates Better Workforce Collaboration

A disconnected workforce is one of the main reasons for poor productivity in the workplace. According to a survey by Frost & Sullivan, companies using collaboration technologies at the workplace see improved productivity by as much as 400%. Cloud computing is one of the best ways to achieve this.

Through cloud-based platforms, employees can share and access data from a centralized location. They can also access programs with various devices while on-the-go. Your accountant no longer has to be in the office physically to be able to send an invoice to a client. They can do it from home using an internet-connected device through an app or web browser.

  1. Helps You Become More Competitive

Cloud computing enables small businesses to become more competitive. With access to the best software programs in your industry, as well as tech support from skilled IT professionals, it’s easy to edge out competitors.

According to research by the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, 74% of all the surveyed businesses claimed that cloud computing gave them a competitive edge. The companies said that the platform enabled them to exploit opportunities faster and better.

  1. Saves You from Disasters

When you rely on local servers for the storage of data and programs, a disaster like fire or storm can devastate your business. Most small businesses do not survive the third month after losing their core data. Data backup providers have relied on this to build empires in the past.

With cloud computing, all your data is safe from natural catastrophes. Reputable cloud services providers are often developing new tech to secure cloud storage. In recent years, development of data cloning systems has been taking shape. This will enable the storage of cloned data versions in separate data centers.

  1. It Reduces Your Businesses’ Carbon Footprint

As the world continues to emphasize environmental conservation, your business should follow suit. More customers want to see companies that are making a positive environmental impact.

Cloud computing can help you conserve the environment by doing away with physical servers. Fewer or no servers at all mean you use lesser energy in your company. And less energy use means you release less carbon into the atmosphere.

Plus, the easy sharing of documents and files via cloud-based applications means employees make fewer printouts. Less paper usage means more trees are safe.

Explore the Many Cloud Computing Benefits!

The cloud is a powerhouse built to enable both small and large businesses to run better. Your business can enjoy all the above cloud computing benefits and many more. Search for a reliable cloud services provider today and begin your journey to the future.

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