A Complete Guide about Virtual Private Network

 Virtual private network allows you to extend a private network across the public networks and helps them receive and send data across the public and shared network in a way that the computing devices are connected directly to the private network.

Many companies provide free VPN service to customers. Free VPN has the same feature as that of a paid VPN service. We are going to discuss the features of Vpn free.

No logging

Mostly the VPN services providers locate their servers in off-shore locations where the logging for the traffic is not required by the local laws. Your privacy is marinated at all costs.

Strong Encryption

VPN service comes with strong encryption and even if the fastest computers of the world come together they won’t be able to crack the AES encryption.


You don’t need closed source VPN providers; the free VPN is open-source VPN client in the world.

Double VPN

Some of the VPN providers use the multihop network which makes sure that the encrypted traffic passes through some additional security layers so that no one can track the real IP address and does not know your browsing habits.


You can easily download torrent files with it safely. The VPN will keep you anonymous without any ban from the government organizations.

Unlimited bandwidth

The VPN is suitable for everyone no matter you occasionally surf the web or are a heavy downloader. They will provide you the best speed without any restriction of the bandwidth.

Completely secure

These VPN follows the best security protocols and are completely safe to use for all the users.

Fast speed

These VPN provide blazing fast speed to their users which are over 10Gbut/s that too with dedicated network and cloud capacity.

Works on all platforms

These are compatible with all the operating system. You can use them all over the PC, Apple, Linux, and the android devices safely.

Completely free

The VPN service is completely free for all the users. It has the same features as of any paid VPN service.

Midnight Black Samsung Galaxy S9

Mobile applications

The VPN will offer the client with complete software solution including the Windows PC. Most people spend most of their time on the smartphones and tablets as compared to the desktops. There are many places with only smartphone folks so the mobile applications are also offered by VPN providers. Your mobile devices are completely supported by these VPNs. They provide support to the android and iOS, the support is however limited to rare devices.

Support for Routers

You don’t need to install the VPN on all of your devices; you can install the VPN directly on the router of the home network. All the devices are connected with it.

An anonymous VPN service is always preferred by the users to make sure that their search results are not open to the government organizations and the advertising companies. A reliable VPN service is important to keep your privacy. Look for the features mentioned above and select a fast and reliable VPN service.

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