A Complete Review of Hostinger


WordPress is used by many of us but only using WordPress will not help you to set up your blog. You need to use a hosting service providing company as well. Without a hosting company, you would not be able to increase your customer base. Hostinger is one of the hosting companies which provide cheap web hosting. There are several features which make Hostinger, the most preferred  company.


The speed with which you can load the website or blog is highly crucial for your venture to grow. A slow website is never really favoured by anyone. The speed of Hostinger is due to its cloud based infrastructure. The processors which are present in this company are Xenon processors. Hostinger provides 24 GB of RAM. There are several SSD disk drives which also helps to increase the speed with which you can load a website or blog. All the facilities, present in Hostinger, is in a single  package.


Uptime is another important factor which will help you to select the ideal hosting company. Hostinger promises to provide 99% of uptime. The basic plan is there which is not only free but gives excellent service. Server time is very important for your website. The Premium plan guarantees a good amount of server time. Even you can choose a Business plan for your blog or  website.

Economically Feasible Pricing

Not everyone has the same budget; what might be economically feasible to you, might cause a problem with others.  If you are just starting out, it is feasible that you get some amount of experience before you go for higher plans. Till then you need to stick to the basic ones, which is not only free but also gives you a lot of scopes to learn. The business plan and the premium plan is not very  costly.

Domain Name Is Free Of Cost

You should never spend a lot of money on the domain name, especially if you don’t have any idea regarding it. Domain name is a very important part of your website or blog. It is the virtual web address of your website.With Hostinger plans, you do not have to worry about a domain name. If you choose the Business Plan or the Premium Plan, you will a domain name for free. Even with the basic plan, there will be a free sub – domain name. It will cost you around $3.49 if you opt for these  plans.

No Need To Worry About Security

You don’t have to worry at all about the security issues because several Hosting companies take care of it. Hostinger issues its customers SSL security certificates. This feature is only valid in case of Business Plan Users and Premium Plan users. You do not have to pay anything extra when it comes to security as this aspect will be covered in the package. Hostinger is known to provide world class  security.

Extremely Helpful And Co- Operative Customer Service

You can get 24/ 7 assistance from the support team at Hostinger for all your problems.It makes your life easy and smooth. They will provide you with plenty of room so that you can learn. It has an online ticketing system whenever you have a query. There is also an online chat system available for the users of Hostinger. The technical team does not believe in wasting time and will use all their resources to solve their issue. There is also a knowledge base library where you can get several articles. You can get articles on so many topics related to hosting and WordPress. Although Hostinger does not have phone support, it has a wide range of tutorials for you. Select any tutorial and follow  it.

Helps To Get More Experience If You Are A Newbie

Hostinger is the only platform which will help you to get more experience regarding this industry. Hostinger is known to provide free hosting services for people all over the world. You might face traffic while using their basic plan, so you need to upgrade it slowly. Hostinger guarantees around 3000 visitors per  month.

Easy To Use Website Builder

Web designing becomes easy with Hostinger. This hosting company provides you with a drag and drop feature. You can use this feature to customise your website according to your own  needs.

Thus Hostinger is a good web hosting company and gets amazing reviews from its customers. They offer several such features for you to create and customise your website. Hostinger even has a 30-day policy where they will give you back your money if you are not satisfied with their service. While the beginners go for the basic plan, the others can upgrade to higher plans as well. It also promises a good amount of uptime so that your content is accessible to your  customers.

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