A New “Old” Magazine for Today’s Investors

By Vestory, Special for  USDR

Vestory (vestory.com), a fee-only investment advisory firm, announces what may be the very first print magazine devoted exclusively to real investing information, Real Investing Journal. It was created to fill what the publisher calls “a void in the money  media.”

Unlike mainstream financial publications, Real Investing Journaldoes not encourage speculation, report on business news, or delve into lifestyle issues. Instead, each quarterly issue is devoted to educating readers about real investing based on scientific and academic principles, in a style that is easy to  understand.

Created by former national financial radio host, Don McDonald,Real Investing Journal is designed to teach everyone how to build wealth for future needs – like sending a child to college or enjoying a comfortable and secure retirement, and how to avoid the big investing  mistakes.

“Real investing is not synonymous with speculating,” says McDonald, “instead it is a process of creating a properly diversified portfolio of securities for each individual’s needs and risk tolerance, using the most robust academic research  available.”

Articles in the inaugural issue of Real Investing Journal – published in June – included the ten questions you must ask a financial advisor, an in-depth look at one of the investment sales industry’s biggest lies, indexed insurance products, and the best ways to generate income in retirement. Future issues share time-tested investing tips, explore the downside of pure index funds, and discuss which bonds are best suited for your  portfolio.

The first issue is available online right now at  realinvestingjournal.com.

Available only by subscription with very few ads, Real Investing Journal is only $25 per year, but for a limited time, is offering lifetime charter subscriptions for only $15 per year. That price is guaranteed for the life of the auto-renewing subscription. More information can be found online at  realinvestingjournal.com

Unlike other magazines, Real Investing Journal will not end up filled with advertisements. This allows the publication to speak the truth about the current state of the financial industry without fear of repercussions from sponsors. As publisher Don McDonald says, “…the sad truth is…the bulk of the financial services business is not looking out for their clients’ best interests…charging high fees and commissions, selling confusing, convoluted products, and encouraging speculation that makes brokers richer and clients  broker.”

McDonald has been a radio talk show host since 1985 and hosted his nationally syndicated “Don McDonald Show” from 1988 until 2006. He also published a popular monthly newsletter from 1991 until 2006, when he joined Merriman Capital as an education specialist and co-hosted “Sound Investing” named one of the top financial podcasts by Money  magazine.

In 2009, McDonald and former PBS host Tom Cock founded a unique fee-only registered investment advisor, Vestory. They dedicated the firm to educating every investor whether or not they ever become clients. To that end, McDonald and Cock also host a weekly investing call-in show on KOMO Newsradio in Seattle, “Talking Real Money”  (talkingrealmoney.com).

Because real investing is timeless and not affected by the day-to-day fluctuations of the markets, Real Investing Journal will be published four times a year, in November, February, May, and  August.

Both auto-renewing charter subscriptions at $15 per year or regular, non-renewing subscriptions at $25 are available right now at  realinvestingjournal.com/subscribe.

For more information, please contact Don McDonald at  321-443-8172.

Broadcast interviews available via phone or Tie-Line  IP.

SOURCE  Vestory

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