A Second Generation of Digital Currency released, Dash


Dash is a second generation digital currency that fixes some problems inherent in first generation digital currencies like Bitcoin. Dash is short for “digital cash,” and just like cash, transactions are private, instantaneous and  secure.

Decentralized digital currencies, or cryptocurrencies, represent a new kind of money that provides users with a number of substantial benefits over traditional types of money. These currencies have only been in existence for a few years, but are already reshaping the financial services industry in profound ways and enabling users with entirely new ways of storing and using  money.

You probably know Bitcoin, the first digital currency created by Satoshi Nakamoto. Dash is similar to Bitcoin, but with a number of added benefits and capabilities. Dash is digital cash. More importantly, you’ll see that Dash is a technology leader in the digital currency space, with a rapid pace of deploying new innovations. The Dash developers have delivered a number of “firsts”, such as the first privacy-centric transaction system, the first to enable nearly instant payments, the first to enable user governance, the first to create a sustainable self-funding model, and many  others

Dash also represents a new area of opportunity for people and businesses all over the world. It greatly facilitates international trade as a digital currency can be sent immediately, anywhere in the world with almost no fees, and easily transferred to a local currency. Furthermore, they are already understood and used by many people around the world, and beat other payment systems when you want to transact online. Moreover, Dash allows for instant transaction confirmations which mean a money transfer can be sent and fully secured in a matter of  seconds.

And these are just a few of the advantages. Evan Duffield (Inventor and Head Developer) and the team behind Dash are excited to present this introductory video explaining how Dash can change the way we do business and interact with each other in the  future.

Dash – True Digital  Cash

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